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Casting Mould Industry Embraces Information Development

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-07-16 11:12:57   Hits: 538

Casting mold industry is a category of China industries. China Industry and Information Department proposed a development direction of utilizing information to promote industrialization, and this is also applied to the casting mold industry.

Up to July 2014,China’s mould industry is increasing unremitting with average 15% per year, which is far more than the growth of national GDP on average. Casting mould’s output value accounts for 5% of all various mould and rises as high as 25% annually.

At present, more and more mold manufacturers realize the importance of information construction for improving competitiveness. In face of the technology challenges brought by market, knowledge related to information construction is also emphasized. From the part of microcosmic body, information networks system can help casting mould enterprises timely obtain relevant information on user requirements, market, technology, finance, rivals, talents, policies, laws, etc.

At the same time, information network technology develops the management scale of managers from casting mold enterprises and decreases management hierarchy. It can assist decision makers comprehensively and accurately master companies’ internal dynamic change without delay. And then, it provides technical support for realizing scientific decision-making and management.

Chinaautomobiles and motorcycles have entered into an accelerated growth period, which lead to substantial increase of output for several years. Of all automobiles and motorcycles, cars closely related to foundry industry grow faster than others. This results in increasing requirements on complex and precise casting molds.

As a critical support of foundry industry, casting mould industry is promising. Luo Baihui is the secretary-general of ISTMA. He regarded that automobile industry will be the main impetus of casting mould industry in future several years. 

Casting Mould Industry Embraces Information Development - Junying