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EU Canceled Anti-dumping Measures on Steel Fasteners

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2016-03-02 17:27:11   Hits: 240
On February 27, 2016, European Commission announced that according to relevant tribunals from dispute settlement body of WTO, European Union would decide to cancel the anti-dumping measures on steel fasteners from China after the day when the announcement was published. Meanwhile, European Union would also cancel anti-evasion measures on fasteners transit from Malaysia. The custom codes of products in case were 73181290, 73181491, 73181499, 73181559, 73181569, 73181581, 73181589, 73181590, 73182100 and 73182200.

In November, 2007, EU carried out investment of anti-dumping on steel fasteners originated from China; in January, 2009, EU made a positive final determination on the case. In July, 2009, China appealed to DSB (dispute settlement mechanism) of WTO for the anti-dumping measures on steel fasteners from China carried out by EU; In July 2011, Appeal Body of WTO judged that programs and entity of EU went against the rules of WTO in the case, then, China was always focusing on the execution of EU on adjudication of Appeal Body. In October, 2013, Chinese government came up with litigation of execution using DSB of WTO, requiring that European Commission completely correct all of illegal practices in the case; on January 18, 2016 WTO published appellate body report of execution objection procedures for the final anti-dumping measures case (DS397) of EU on Chinese steel fasteners prosecuted by China. 

EU Canceled Anti-dumping Measures on Steel Fasteners