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Growth of Mould Field Propels Hardware Process Industry

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-09-24 17:26:56   Hits: 510
In recent years, the construction hardware, automotive electronics, digital technology and other industries develop quickly. Manufacture and marketing of mould industry have become the mainstream under this circumstance. The development of mould filed has promoted the growth of hardware process industry

China mould industry increase at a rate of over 25%, result from the sustainable development of machines, automobiles, electronics and other lines that require large quantity of mould products. From the international view, China has strong competitive power on the mid-range casts and moulds. There are more and more manufacturers entering into China from the world every year. On the other hand, transference of mould consumption from advanced countries to China is slowing down. China cast and mould industry stays at a high growth rate while the demands on products always exceed the actual output. 

The favorable market environment and promising prospect of this industry attract a large number of enterprises and investments to invest on China mould industry. The cluster industry is convenient for exchange and cooperation. It can reduce costs while expand markets. By the way, this kind of industry also enjoys some preferential policies. That is why it is expected to develop well in the future. 

By now, there are more than 50 mould cities, mould zones, cluster industry bases, etc. Plus that, another 10 or even more bases are built now. Apart from cluster bases, there are also entity alliances and virtual manufacture in some regions. 

Pushed by equipment manufacturing industry and strong market demands, the domestic machine and tool industry ushers in an enthusiastic development. 

Growth of Mould Field Propels Hardware Process Industry - Junying