Why Zinc Die Casting Is More Suitable for Medical Device Parts


In the healthcare industry, constant technological breakthroughs and innovations bring new ways and opportunities to deliver healthcare. Among them, zinc die-casting, as an advanced manufacturing process, has many advantages in the production of medical device parts. This article will discuss technological innovations in the medical industry, the application of zinc die casting in the production of medical device parts, and the required data conditions.

The medical industry is an industry that constantly and rapidly breaks through technical barriers and constantly innovates healthcare methods. Some innovations in healthcare include:

Zinc die-cast medical device parts need to meet some data conditions, such as:

Commonly Used Medical Equipment Parts Produced by Zinc Die Casting

Generally speaking, the precision of zinc die-casting can reach 0.01mm, the conductivity of zinc die-casting is 108.6 IACS, the density of zinc die-casting is 6.6 g/cm3, and the rigidity of zinc die-casting is 83 GPa. Currently, zinc die-casting is used to produce various medical Equipment Parts:

Medical Equipment PartsAdvantages of Zinc Die CastingDifferent from Other Processes
SphygmomanometerHigh strength, high precision, high corrosion resistanceMore wear-resistant and less prone to deformation than aluminum die-casting
Breathing AidsHigh stability, high reliability, high temperature resistanceHigher temperature resistance and less aging than plastic injection molding
DefibrillatorHigh conductivity, high oxidation resistance, high glossLighter and more beautiful than steel casting
PacemakerHigh density, high protection, high biocompatibilityMore economical and safer than titanium alloy processing
Patient Monitoring SystemHigh complexity, high precision, high surface qualitySave material and improve efficiency compared with machining
Ultrasound SystemHigh rigidity, high toughness, high impact resistanceStronger and more durable than ceramic injection molding

The Importance of Zinc die casting for Medical Device Parts

Zinc die casting is more suitable for medical device parts for the following reasons:

Healthcare Regulatory Framework and Standards

The following agencies play an important regulatory role globally in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices: