Which Aluminum Alloy should You Choose?

It is not uncommon to have doubts about die casting, especially aluminum die casting. It is difficult to distinguish these products because there are so many alloys we can use. In the process of product design review, the problem of which alloy to choose for specific parts often arises.

We are familiar with the following five types of aluminum alloys, each of which has its own characteristics. Most cases are based on the characteristics and durability of the product to decide which alloy to use. The choice of alloy is also an important guarantee of product quality.


  • 360 Aluminum

360 aluminum alloy is suitable for products requiring higher corrosion resistance and products requiring improved pressure tightness in final functions. It can still maintain its strength at extreme temperatures.


  • 380 Aluminum

A380 aluminum alloy is the most commonly used aluminum alloy in die casting, because it combines the characteristics of easy casting, easy machining and good heat conduction. However, due to the high silicon content, it is slightly rough.


  • 390 Aluminum

The surface hardness of 390 aluminum alloy is higher than 380 aluminum alloy, and the surface wear resistance is improved but the ductility is reduced.


  • 413 Aluminum

413 aluminum alloy has better corrosion resistance and pressure resistance than 360 alloy, and is popular in the production of hydraulic cylinders and pressure vessels.



  • ZA27 Combined Zinc and Aluminum Alloy

ZA27 has high tensile properties similar to cast iron parts and is used to replace widely processed cast iron parts. The ZA27 die-cast parts can be used close to the net shape, thus reducing the cost compared with iron casting.


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