What is Zamak 5 – Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy Composition, Properties & Zamak 5 vs A380.0 | Diecasting-mould


What is Zamak 5 - Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy Composition, Properties & Zamak 5 vs A380.0 | Diecasting-mould

The material properties of Zamak alloy give the zinc die castings a lot of advantages, including high strength and hardness. Sometimes the metal differs considerably from others in the same family, so the selection of material matters much. In this article, let’s learn about the Zamak 5 zinc alloy, covering its composition, properties, applications, and the comparison between A380.0 aluminum and Zamak 5.

What is Zamak 5?

Zamak 5, or zinc alloy 5, is a type of zinc alloy popular in die casting, it has the same composition as Zamak 3, with the addition of 1% copper in order to increase strength, hardness and corrosive resistance, while the ductility is reduced. It also has less dimensional accuracy. Zamak 5 alloy can be readily plated, finished, and machined compared to Zamak 3. Zamak 5 is the most widely used die cast zinc alloy in Europe, it is ideal for applications that require greater hardness, strength, creep resistance and less ductility. Typical applications of Zamak 5 die castings and products are automotive components, wheel balancing weights, and toys. 

Zamak 5 Chemical Composition

There are different standard specifications of Zamak 5 used for die casting, such as ASTM B240 (Ingot), ASTM B86 (Cast), EN1774 (Ingot), EN12844 (Cast), JIS H2201 (Ingot), JIS H5301 (Cast), AS 1881, and GB8738-88. 

Composition of ASTM B240

Al: 3.9-4.3

Mg: 0.03-0.06

Cu: 0.75-1.25

Fe: 0.075 max

Pb: 0.004 max

Cd: 0.003 max

Sn: 0.002 max

Zn: balance

Composition of ASTM B86

Al: 3.5-4.3

Mg: 0.03-0.06

Cu: 0.75-1.25

Fe: 0.1 max

Pb: 0.005 max

Cd: 0.004 max

Sn: 0.002 max

Zn: balance

Zamak 5 Properties

What is the density of Zamak 5? What is the melting point of Zamak 5? When you want to use products made of this zinc alloy or manufacture zinc die casting parts, you need to know about its properties and characteristics to ensure its normal work. Here we list two charts containing the physical and mechanical properties of Zamak 5 alloy. 

Physical Properties of Zamak 5

Mechanical Properties of Zamak 5

Zamak 5 vs A380.0

What’s the difference between Zamak 5 and A380.0 aluminum? Here is a comparison between the physical, thermal and mechanical properties of these two alloys.