The Temperature in Die Casting Process

During die casting, do you have any idea how hot the metal is? Actually it all lies on the material you use and the degree to which you comply with die casting standards in terms of temperature. Does the temperature of die casting tool is important? Of course yes. If you hope to avoid defects and other issues in die casting, you have to control the temperature well.

It is very important to understand the difference of metal temperature in die casting and the consequences of poor temperature control during die casting.

Generally speaking, tensile and yield strengths of die casting alloys will decrease when temperature increase. You should remember this fact if you need a die casting product with high tensile strength. Besides, as temperature increases the ductility of metal will also increases, but changes lies on the kind of alloy you are using. For example, aluminum is less ductile than zinc, but the die casting temperature for aluminum must be higher in the process.

The thermal factors of die casting include the temperature of the material, the temperature of the mould and the temperature of the die casting machine. For the highest quality parts, all these factors must be kept within the best temperature range. If the molten metal temperature is too hot, it could damage the mould and shorten the life of the mould. If the temperature of mould is too low, when the metal flows into the mold, the temperature may be lowered too quickly, resulting in defects, especially larger porosity on the casting surface or improper operation.

So you can see, control the temperature well can help to produce high quality parts. Next passage will also about the temperature. Hope you are interested in.

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