The Importance of Quality Aluminum Die Casting

When manufacturing aluminum die casting moulds, it may be helpful to refer to NADCA specifications. NADCA’s recommendations include methods to reduce stress during machining and methods to remove the white layer after EDM. If you make a mould without knowing the proper considerations for aluminum die casting, you may get a mould with a shorter life. When you want to obtain die casting moulds, you should only cooperate with tool manufacturers who have both aluminum die casting experience and NADCA steel and heat treatment advice experience, such as us—Junying company. By doing so, you will get what you want without any mistakes.

In the aluminum die casting industry, it may be tempting to cooperate with a manufacturer who is less experienced or insists that he is experienced but cheaper, but in the long run, he may make you pay more. Due to technical and experience reasons, moulds that do not meet the specifications may fail “at the right time”, resulting in production stoppage and forcing you to re-manufacture new moulds.

Although the short-term cost is relatively high, it is very important for experienced manufacturer to contribute their knowledge in the product design process to ensure the use of best practices and measurements in the aspects of drawing, gate, ejector pin position, radius, etc. The use of cheaper tools and lower quality tools will almost certainly lead to higher costs and shorter die life during the die life. Please carefully choose the manufacturer to reduce the cost fundamentally.


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