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The process of aluminum alloy die casting is highly popular for making parts in building and industrial fields, but its most common application is in automotive industry. Compared with other manufacturing processes, the die casting process has the advantages of high production efficiency, high dimensional accuracy, excellent mechanical properties, high material utilization rate and better economic benefits of mass production. In the automotive aluminum alloy parts, die-casting aluminum alloy and other casting aluminum alloy components account for about 80%, processing aluminum only accounts for about 20%, and the consumption of die casting parts accounts for about 70% of the total amount of casting products. Therefore, die casting aluminum alloy products account for 54% – 70% of the automotive aluminum. With the increasing production of aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum die casting is gradually applied to automobile parts industry.



The Importance Of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting In Automotive Industry 

With the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market, all manufacturers are developing in the direction of high quality, high reliability, lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection, and low cost. With the increasingly strict emission standards and international environmental protection policies, new energy cars have become the key development direction in the future automobile field. The structural components of high-strength and high-quality new energy cars (car body, column, and Chassis, shock absorber tower, etc.) are more and more required to be manufactured by die casting process. All these show that aluminum alloy die-casting plays an important role in the die-casting industry and is the mainstream of the die casting industry.


Aluminum Die Casting

Features Of Aluminum Die Casting

● Lightweight and Durable

● Good Strength-to-Weight Ratio

● Great Resistance to Corrosion

● Excellent Electrical Conductivity

● Fully Recyclable and Reusable in Production

● Simple or complex shapes

● Thin wall thickness

● High rates of production


Characteristics Of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Process 

In addition to better die-casting process performance and mechanical properties, die-casting aluminum alloy also has the following process properties:

● Good thermoplastic rheological properties.

● Small linear shrinkage.

● Small solidification temperature range.

● Good high temperature thermal strength.

● Good casting / mold interface properties.

● Good physical and chemical properties


Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Types

According to alloy composition, die casting aluminum alloy can be divided into four series: Al Si (Al Si Cu, Al Si mg), Al Cu, Al Mg and Al Zn. Al Si die casting alloy is widely used because of its small crystallization temperature interval, large latent heat and specific heat capacity of silicon phase solidification, small linear shrinkage, good flow performance, mold filling performance and small tendency of hot cracking and porosity. Although Al Cu Series die casting alloy has high mechanical properties, the corrosion resistance of the material is reduced by the addition of Cu element, and the service life of die-casting products is greatly reduced. Moreover, segregation and cracking are easy to occur during the die-casting process, so the application range is small. Compared with Al Si die casting alloy, Al Mg die casting alloy has poor casting performance, large fluctuation of mechanical properties and wall thickness effect, easy to crack in die casting process, and has higher stress corrosion tendency. Although Al Zn die casting alloy can obtain better mechanical properties after natural aging, its corrosion resistance is poor, hot cracking and stress corrosion are easy to occur, so it is seldom used.


Applications Of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting In The Automotive Industry

At present, the application scope of aluminum alloy die casting parts in automotive industry is classified according to the use function, and has been used in structural parts, stress parts, safety parts and decorative parts, mainly including the following aspects:

● Power system: cylinder block, cylinder head cover, cylinder head cover, crankcase, cylinder head cover, oil pan, piston, pump body, pump cover, intake pipe, generator housing, engine gear chamber, various engine supports, etc.

● Transmission system: transmission case, transmission oil circuit board, clutch housing, shift fork, transmission bracket, etc.

● Steering system: chain cover, rack housing and turbine housing.

● Chassis assembly: mounting bracket and beam.

● Body: wheel hub, framework and decorative products;

● Others: shock absorber lower cover, compressor bracket, clutch pedal and brake pedal, etc.


Development Trend Of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Industry In The Future

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of power, safety, comfort, lightweight and other technical indicators of the automotive industry, the aluminum alloy products required gradually develop to the direction of thin-walled, high-strength, low-cost and integrated structure, which provides the application foundation and source power for the development of die-casting technology. In recent years, the development of aluminum alloy die casting technology, in general, is to continuously optimize and adjust the alloy material composition, combined with high vacuum die casting technology and heat treatment process parameters control, give full play to the process characteristics of alloy materials, and improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of die-casting alloy materials with the help of high-pressure injection and low-speed mold filling. With the deepening of civil military integration, a large number of ring tube projectile structural products have low requirements for fatigue performance. According to the structural integration and lightweight design, die casting process can be used for mass production and development, which shortens the development cycle and reduces the production cost, which provides a development foundation for the popularization and application of die-casting aluminum alloy.


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