Casting is a process of metal smelting and processing, which usually uses the gravity of metal to cast in the mold. But “aluminum die casting” is not completed by gravity, but a certain pressure is applied. It’s kind of like “injection molding”. But it has a set of core pulling and cooling systems with high technical content. Generally speaking, the materials are sent to the cavity to be cast through a centralized inlet to form parts. This guide talks about die casting aluminum, aluminum sand box, mold release agent, special treatment equipment for flue gas and dust, and environmental protection equipment.


Exhaust gas emission times of die casting aluminum:

High production efficiency: the machine has high productivity. For example, the horizontal cold air aluminum die casting machine can die cast aluminum 600 ~ 700 times in eight hours on average, and the small hot chamber die casting aluminum machine can aluminum die cast 3000 ~ 7000 times in eight hours on average; The service life of aluminum die-casting mold is long. A pair of aluminum die-casting mold and aluminum die-casting clock alloy can have a service life of hundreds of thousands or even millions of times; Each processing will produce oil-bearing flue gas and water vapor of release agent, as well as flue gas dust from workers purging molds. The frequency of flue gas dust is related to the size of aluminum castings.


Original treatment process problems:

The bag filter selected by the original die-casting aluminum processing enterprises is faced with a problem, that is, the bag is blocked and stuck. The reason is very simple. The water content standard of bag filter material is no more than 30%, and the oil content is no more than 10%. Therefore, in the process of die-casting aluminum, the mold remover flue gas and steam generated are working conditions that the bag can not bear. Oil and water containing flue gas treatment equipment and water-resistant and oil-resistant filter materials should be selected, In order to achieve normal emission, and with the same parameter design, the emission standard of the plastic burning plate dust collector is lower than that of the bag dust collector. When used under this working condition, the plastic burning plate filter element can reach the service life of 10 years. In the later operation, the overall investment is relatively saved. (provided by nolidoni Environmental Protection Technology Department)


Introduction to oily and aqueous flue gas dust treatment equipment:

For industrial flue gas and dust, plastic burning plate dust collector is a preferred equipment on the market, with ultra-low emission, high recovery rate, filter element material is not afraid of water and oil fume, and its service life can be up to 10 years. It is alternative equipment to the original bag dust collector.


Introduction to plastic burning plate dust collector:

The plastic burning plate dust collector (also known as sintering plate dust collector) adopts the material of wave type plastic burning filter, which is cast and sintered after strictly mixing a variety of high molecular compound powders to form a porous matrix, and then the gap on the surface of the sintering plate matrix is filled with a kind of ultra-fine dust below 1-2 microns through a special spraying process. It has high dust removal efficiency and ultra-low emission, and can meet the requirements of smoke emission concentration of 3-5mg. It is especially suitable for the treatment of ultra-fine dust with roughing mill. Sintering board has high dust removal efficiency and long service life. The service life of domestic sintering board is 8-10 years and that of imported sintering board is more than 10 years. It also reduces the surface resistance of the filter plate.


Structural drawing of plastic fired plate:

Due to the material characteristics of the plastic fired board, the oil and water containing flue gas dust will not block the plate hole. Because of its surface structure, surface coating process and high pressure injection capacity, the equipment such as die casting, sand box and shell core molding machine, and the flue gas composition containing release agent and steam are the special environmental protection equipment for this kind of treatment equipment for oil and water containing flue gas dust, with obvious effect, long service life and convenient operation and maintenance, The filter material will not be replaced within 10 years.