Something You Need to Know About Metal Injection Moulding


Metal injection moulding is used to manufacture various small and complicated products and parts.Like other injection moulding processes, it injects heated material into the mould to form parts with the same shape as the mould. Most other injection moulding processes use rubber, plastic or similar nonmetals, but metal injection moulding is defined by using powdered metal as the injection material.


  • Steel Is Heated Up to 2,552 Degrees


In order to make the metal injection moulding work, the metal material must first be heated enough to liquefy the corresponding metal. For example, steel is usually heated to 2552 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only a little higher than its melting point.As steel is smelted, it becomes a liquid that can be injected into the mould cavity.

  • Injection material Must Be Smaller than 100 Grams

Although metal injection moulding is cost-effective for mass manufacturing applications, it has certain limitations on the size of products and components used in manufacturing. For example, companies can usually only use this metalworking process to manufacture small products and parts.This is because the liquefied metal that injected into the mould is limited to 100 grams.


  • Reach a density as high as 99%


Many factors will affect the density of products or components manufactured by metal injection moulding.However, for products and parts made of steel, this process can reach a density as high as 99%-much higher than other metalworking processes.This is important because density affects the strength and durability of objects. Objects with higher density are stronger and more durable than objects with lower density.


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