Mould Components and Terms (2)


Slides or Slide Cores

The slide (or slide core) is the part of the mould that forms the casting feature and cannot be manufactured by normal opening and closing of the mould, but needs to move at an angle relative to the parting line (the most common direction is parallel to the parting line). “Slide” is a common term for the entire moving part, but the slide is composed of multiple parts (e.g. slide front or tip, the wear plates, gibs, locks, carriers, etc.) and is usually water cooled. The slide core is a common term for a simple core pin or a pin in a larger slide mechanism that enters and exits at an angle with respect to the parting line (such as: a replaceable “slide pin” can be installed in the slide to form a specific hole, and the rest of the slide surface forms the outer surface of the part).


The most common sources of motion for activating slides angle pins and hydraulic cylinders. Both motion sources need to be designed into the tooling to avoid interference with part ejection/removal. The angle pin is a more economical option because it is started by opening and closing the mould and does not require hydraulic pressure or switches, but is limited to short movements.

Ejector Plates and Ejector Pins

Parts need to be cooled after casting, and parts will be exposed when the mold halves are opened. Usually the size of the parts will be reduced when cooling, and they will be left on the mould with ejector pin device. The ejector pin will be activated by the moving ejector plate to separate the parts from the mould.

The ejector pin leaves a slight mark on the parts, which indicates that the ejector pin should be placed in the non-decorative surface area of the parts, which is not important to the design (like overflow, boss, bottom of a deep pocket, bottom of a rib, etc.). Finally, the number of pins, pin locations, and pin sizes depend on the configuration and size of the device and other requirements.


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