JUNYING’s Ethics Policy

JUNYING’s Ethics Policy

More than ten years of experience tells us not to let customers receive our wrong parts, or our customers will pay a greater loss.

Therefore quality and timeliness are the basis of JUNYING’s survival.

High quality zinc alloy & aluminum alloy die casting

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, so we adopt and implement many processes to control the quality of our products.

We have passed the ISO 9001:2015 certification, and we have implemented our own quality control measures to ensure that there are no quality defects in our facilities.

All raw materials used are provided with a certificate of chemical conformance to the material.

The quality control process starts from the quotation stage, and our sales department will solicit the opinions of key departments, including quality, tools and molds, engineering, die casting and finance.

While these processes do not guarantee a 100% chance of success, they greatly improve the chances of a successful build and release.

High quality zinc alloy & aluminum alloy die casting is required strictly

The process of

  1. The first inspection and PPAP samples of die casting components must be completed before the die casting machine is started.
  2. We keep the master samples of all products to ensure the comparability of the whole life cycle of the project.
  3. The design and use of fixtures and tools can limit any quality problems that may occur.
  4. The job description is clear and simple, and new employees can identify and determine any quality defects of die-casting products when they arrive at the production line.
  5. All die casting products shall be tested online every 2 hours, and new operation shall be carried out each time.
  6. The final step in our quality control process is the final inspection of the transit area. The quality department must inspect and sign off on any items leaving the facility.

Quality laboratory and measurement capability

  1. High-precision vernier caliper.
  2. Complete plug gauge.
  3. Coordinated measurement (CMM)
  4. Surface abrasion tester.
  5. Mitutoyo Profile projector

6 .have Lab Analysis


NWDC ISO 9001-2015 Certification

NWDC ISO 9001-2015 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification