The shot blasting machine is the main equipment in the cleaning industry. Does it fit? Is the design reasonable? Is the manufacturing rigorous? Is the operation healthy? Shrapnel knows best, because she is the blood of the equipment. In this article, we are showing you the correct way to make the projectiles of casting surface treament equipment more valuable.


Valuable projectile

The projectile is the blood of the shot blasting machine. It rustles in the flow and roars when striking; Like a ribbon in the spiral, like a waterfall in the separation, like a meteor shower when hitting. After thousands of impacts and self attrition, the projectile dedicated itself and brightened the world.


A projectile: how to strike the object more effectively?

In order to avoid the direct collision between the projectile and the workpiece, the incident angle of the projectile is generally controlled at 20-80 degrees, the best 70 degrees. Therefore, it is very important to choose the reasonable arrangement, quantity and bearing mode of the shot blaster. In addition, the variable shot blasting belt shot blasting device with directional sleeve adjustment function is a special product of this factor. A more effective blow is the real value.


A bullet: the speed cannot be invariable

When the frequency conversion is not considered, the reasonable projectile speed is basically not considered for the polishing head on the market, especially the direct connection polishing head. When most equipment is used for different workpieces and different ejection distances, the ejection speed is basically the same, resulting in the reduction of projectile life and accelerated wear.


A bullet: avoid unwarranted wear

The speed mainly comes from the energy given by the blade to the projectile, but the surface quality and form of the blade often damage and hinder the projectile, resulting in a loss of both sides. not so bad! The blades of precision die castings, tool steel and tungsten steel in the market have a smooth surface, high hardness, and long service life. The wear of the projectile during acceleration is gradually reduced. The shot blasting device in the design shot blasting machine is to wear the shot for no reason, which also greatly reduces the service life of the equipment.


A bullet: don’t want to be thrown away for no reason

In fact, the service life of the projectile is very long. In order to meet the requirements of environmental dust concentration, some equipment increases the air extraction volume and ignores the wind speed and air supplement, resulting in the projectile being sucked into the dust removal system and discharged with the dust. Projectiles of different materials and particle sizes have their own suspension speed. The four key points of the design of shot blasting machine are: unable to absorb, sink, do not accumulate and breathe.


Can not be sucked away: projectiles with conforming particle size cannot enter the pipeline through the suction outlet.


Sink well: unsuitable projectiles will be discharged and left by inertial precipitator, rotary vibrating screen, rotary screen, etc.


No accumulation: settlement and accumulation shall not be allowed in the pipeline, eddy current and pressure loss of the pipeline shall be avoided as far as possible, and compressed air cleaning measures shall be increased.


Can breathe: especially for closed equipment, air supplement is the premise to ensure air absorption and the guarantee of stable pressure of dust removal system.


A bullet: create a cleaner working environment. The separator is the shower room of the bullet. Choosing a reasonable separation form (air separation, multi-stage air separation, vector air separation, magnetic separation, screening, rolling screening, etc.), separation air volume and separation amount (separator width) are the premise of the bullet surface dryness. “The bullet is clean → the equipment is clean → the workpiece is clean → the workshop is cleaner”, which is green production.