How To Make Good Use Of CNC Machine For Die Casting Factory

CNC machine can be used not only to process aluminum alloy die castings, but also to roughen molds. Optimizing the whole cutting process can significantly improve the production efficiency and profit margin of aluminum alloy die casting factory. To realize the optimization of CNC machines, one is to maximize the time that CNC can be used for cutting, and the other is to try to use this time in the most effective, reliable and profitable way. Read on and learn how to make good use of CNC machine. 

How To Make Good Use Of CNC Machine

The full utilization of CNC must begin with maximizing the time it can be used to cut and process aluminum alloy die castings or die casting molds. Even if a machine is in the workshop 365 days a year, its production availability. In the case of working five days a week and a single shift every day, excluding the time spent on holidays and other things every year, the time available for production is about 1300 or 1400 machine hours per year. Even so, during these times, the machine is not always cutting and processing aluminum alloy die castings or die-casting molds. Programming and setting up can take some time. To keep non production time as short as possible, manufacturers should adopt a strategy that includes offline programming and modular design methods. Tool magazine and automatic tool converter speed up tool handling, another time-consuming event. Robotic work processing and exchange worktables help reduce the time required to load original workpieces and unload completed parts. The time saved by improving the programming speed, speeding up the setting method and simplifying the tool and work processing can be used to process aluminum alloy die castings or die casting molds.

After implementing the strategy of CNC to maximize the available time for cutting and processing aluminum alloy die castings or die casting molds, the problem faced by aluminum alloy die casting plants is how to make efficient use of these time to produce as many products as possible at the lowest cost. The key is to make full use of the function of the CNC machine when the cutting edge contacts the material of aluminum alloy die castings. In addition, it is also very important to understand the functional limitations of CNC machine.

After finding a method to maximize the time that the machine can be used to cut aluminum alloy die castings or die casting molds, the recommended practice is:

– Select the tool with the most suitable base material, coating and cutting edge groove type for workpiece material and related processing.

– The next step is to select the minimum cutting speed under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the tool.

– After that, the feed rate and cutting depth should be as high as possible, taking into account the power and stability characteristics of the machine.

Mathematical formulas have been created to help determine the best match between machining parameters and machine performance. If possible, workshops may prefer to perform field tests to obtain similar results. In general, the formula can only confirm the facts. However, in the case of more than 90%, the simple and practical most effective way is to use a lower cutting speed while using the maximum feed rate and cutting attempt, and use the cutting speed as a calibration tool. This method can not only successfully provide reliable and effective processing, but also make full use of the processing capacity of the existing CNC machine in the aluminum alloy die casting plant.