How to Effectively Shorten the Mold Manufacturing Cycle?


With the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile industry, model updates are getting faster and faster, and the cycle is getting shorter and shorter. The mold development department needs to summarize and analyze each link of mold development and shorten the development cycle to achieve the purpose of improving mold development efficiency.

The development of automotive panel molds is divided into two stages: design and manufacturing. Design includes stamping SE, stamping process DL diagram design, CAE analysis and mold surface compensation design, CAM mold surface design, mold structure design, FMC, structure, and mold surface programming. Manufacturing includes processes such as FMC production, casting and forging blank preparation, primary processing, initial assembly, secondary processing, assembly, research and development, debugging, and quality improvement and delivery. In the mold development cycle, the mold design cycle for the entire vehicle is usually about 4-5 months, while the mold manufacturing cycle is as long as 12 months, with debugging and quality improvement accounting for 5-6.5 months. Therefore, improving the manufacturing efficiency of the mold is of great significance for shortening the development cycle.

Current Status of Mold Manufacturing

The main reasons for the long mold manufacturing cycle include difficulty in clamping some parts, inappropriate clearance between convex and concave molds, heavy research and development workload, defects such as cracking, wrinkling, and spring back of some parts that require repeated debugging and rectification, improper plan management and design errors, etc.

Process and Mold Surface Design Issues

Mold Design and Manufacturing Process Issues

Stamping Process and Die Surface Design Considerations

Mold Structure Design and Manufacturing Process Optimization