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Mechanical processing and production through die casting mold is widely used since die casting mold is essential for aluminum or zinc die casting process. This article talks about how can a zinc alloy die casting mold factory become a large-scale market. 

How Zinc Alloy Die Casting Mold Factory To Become A Large-Scale Market?

Since its development, China’s mold industry has grown at an average rate of more than 15% every year, more than double the average value-added of domestic GDP. In recent years, due to the rapid development of mechanical and electrical, automobile and other fields, China’s zinc alloy die casting factory has grown rapidly. China’s die casting mold industry has a large market scale, and it has also become a new investment field widely concerned by countries all over the world.

China’s mold market is in a period of rapid growth, especially the alloy die casting mold, has made great progress. It can be seen from the import and export data of China’s die casting molds in recent years that the amount of imported die casting molds is much higher than that of exported ones. The statistics of import and export proportion of plastic die casting products. In order to improve the import and export situation of China’s die casting molds, the development of domestic die casting molds should be accelerated. Therefore, it is necessary to break through the two bottlenecks restricting the development of mold industry as soon as possible. One is the lack of standardization rate of mold, which will inevitably lead to the extension of delivery time, and at the same time make it difficult for users to replace parts. The low degree of mold standardization also directly restricts the division of labor, cooperation and commercialization of mold, and also hinders the export of mold. In 2011, the degree of mold standardization and commercialization in China was about 55%, and there is still a big gap compared with 70% to 80% of commercialization in developed countries.

Some experts believe that another major reason for restricting the development of China’s mold is the low domestic manufacturing capacity. With the continuous development of processing industry, the development of large, complex and long life die casting mold will be faster than the total development speed. At the same time, in recent years, large, complex and long-life molds account for the majority of imported molds. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing imports and improving the localization rate, the market share of such domestic molds will gradually increase.

At the same time, China’s low-cost and high-quality die casting molds are very popular in the international market, and domestic die casting molds occupy an important position in China’s total import and export of molds. The percentage of die casting mold in the total import and export of  mold is 40.33 and 25.12 respectively. It has become one of the important exporting countries in the field of international die casting mould.

China zinc alloy die casting mould factories are constantly catching up with the world’s advanced level, and constantly narrowing the technical gap with developed countries. Many domestic die casting moulds have been able to compete with imported products in the main performance, and the overall level of the industry has improved significantly. Not only import substitution has been realized, but also some of them have been exported to the United States, Japan and other industrial developed countries and regions. At present, China’s mold is actively going to the international stage to participate in international competition.

Although there is still a certain gap with developed countries, according to the current development of the domestic industry, the domestic die casting mold industry will catch up and become the backbone of promoting the development of the domestic mold industry in the next few years, improve the overall technical level of the industry, and promote the development of the domestic mold industry towards large-scale and complex. And mold manufacturing technology can better reflect the informatization, digitization, refinement, high-speed, automation. The industry backbone enterprise team will continue to expand, and will play a more and more important role in the industry. The public information service platform will develop faster, and its various service functions and promotion effect on the productivity of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises will also be more apparent.

In a word, for China zinc alloy die casting mold factories, we still need to make continuous efforts, constantly work hard on technology, quality and the overall quality of employees, and take a variety of ways to ensure the development of the industry. Industry personnel should also actively offer suggestions and suggestions, and jointly contribute to the future development of the industry. In the next decade, it is not a dream for China to develop into a world leader.

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