General Process of Metal Casting (2)

Different casting processes are suitable for producing different parts. Although each casting technology has its own unique process and advantages, they have similar and precise basic steps.

  • Molding

At this time, the mould can be manufactured. Materials such as plaster, sand or wax are used to make expendable moulds, while metals and other long-lacting materials are used to make moulds with longer life. The life of a mould is generally expressed in terms of how many parts can be manufactured. The material is filled into the mould of the casting mould and solidified, and the mould taken out of the mold cavity can be used for casting parts.

  • Melting and Pouring

The metal used for casting parts needs to be melted before it can be injected into the mould. Usually this step is done with crucibles because they are containers made of refractory materials. The operator can heat the metal in the crucible to exceed its melting point, thus turning the metal into a liquid. Once the metal melts, it can be poured into a mould for cooling and solidification.

  • Finishing

Due to parting lines and other cracks or defects in the casting process of parts, manufacturers often finishing the parts after casting. This can be accomplished by a series of finishing methods, including grinding, sanding and buffing. When the surface of the part is relatively smooth, it can also be processed by electroplating or painting. This step will make the parts more beautiful and increase the hardness and corrosion resistance of the parts, thus prolonging the service life of the parts.


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