General Process of Metal Casting

Casting is one of the metal shaping methods, in addition to welding, stamping, forging, extrusion and machining. There are many techniques for casting metals, each requiring minor changes. The method of casting metal depends on what characteristics you want to produce. Using different materials to make moulds requires different casting processes. Casting methods include sand casting, shell casting, plaster casting, wax casting, centrifugal casting and die casting. Different casting processes are suitable for producing different parts. Although each casting technology has its own unique process and advantages, they have similar and precise basic steps.

  • Pattern Making

The production of the mold needs to be based on the physical model designed by the manufacturer. The process of manufacturing a mould is called pattern making. Manufacturers use CAD system to design the size and geometry of the mold and then surround the pattern with aggregates, such as sand, plastic or concrete. Remove the pattern and the mould cavity in the sand can be filled.Mould is a precision tool with complex shape and bears the expanding force of blank. It has high requirements on structural strength, rigidity, surface hardness, surface roughness and machining accuracy. The development level of die production is one of the important signs of mechanical manufacturing level.

  • Core Making

The core design is also included in the mould design. They are solid materials placed in the cavity and used to make the inner surface of parts. For example, die casting of metal pipe parts requires a cylindrical core in the cavity of the part so that the inside of the part becomes a hollow structure.


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