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The word aluminum and aluminium both stands for the chemical number 13 with the symbol Al, why the metal name developed into two different forms and what’s the difference between aluminum and aluminium? In this article, we’ll talk about the origin and history of aluminum and aluminium, as well as aluminum vs aluminium, which to use.

Origin and History of Aluminum and Aluminium

Aluminum and aluminium are two names of the element 13 on the periodic table. In 1808, Sir Humphry Davy first proposed the name alumium in his research, which derives from the Latin alumina with a -ium on the end. By 1812, Davy changed the name to aluminum. But another scientist coined aluminium in the review of Davy’s lecture. In 1828, Noah Webster defined aluminum as “The name given to the supposed metallic base of alumina” in An American Dictionary of the English Language, by 1909, both aluminum and aluminium were noted in Webster’s New International Dictionary. 

In 1990, IUPAC accepted aluminium as the international standard, later ACS adopted aluminum in 1925. Aluminum is the American version of the word and aluminium is the British version. Based on the International Dictionary in 1934, the note is: The form aluminum is in common use in the United States; the form aluminium is used in Great Britain and by some chemists in the United States.

Difference Between Aluminum and Aluminium - Aluminum vs Aluminium

Both aluminum and aluminium have a long history of use referring to the metallic element, their difference mainly related to the application regions. 

1. Aluminum is the spelling form of American and Canadian, and aluminium is the preferred spelling outside North America. Both of them are logically justifiable and etymologically. 

2. Aluminum was proposed earlier, it is the original spelling, while aluminium is more consistent with helium, lithium, magnesium, and other element games. 

3. Aluminium is the preferred spelling in scientific writing and publications, even in America and Canada. 


Which came first, aluminum or aluminium? Aluminum. Aluminum is proposed by Sir Humphry Davy in 1812. 

Which one is correct, aluminum or aluminium? Both correct. Aluminum and aluminium describe the same elemental metal, just aluminum is the version used by Americans and Canadians, while aluminium is the version used in British and other areas outside North America. 


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