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The quality of die casting parts is affected by the selected raw materials, as one of the most commonly used materials, aluminum alloy castings accounts for a large proportion in the metal cast products. To select the right die casting aluminum alloy, we need to learn about which aluminum grade used for the process and basic die cast aluminum specifications. Here we list the ASTM B85-96 Standard Specification and Material Comparison Chart for Aluminum Alloy Die Castings.

ASTM B85-96 Standard Specification for Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

Different alloy elements will have different impacts on the properties of the aluminum alloy and aluminum die casting parts. Based on the main elements added in the aluminum alloy, take a look at what are they used for.

1. Si: improves the casting performance of the alloy

2. Cu: improves the fluidity, tensile strength, and hardness of the alloy, but reduces the corrosion resistance and plasticity, and increases the hot cracking tendency.

3. Mg: improves the strength, yield limit, and machinability of the alloy. When the magnesium content is too high, the casting performance becomes poor, the strength and plasticity at high temperatures are low, and the shrinkage is large when cooling, so hot cracking and porosity are easy to occur.

4. Zn: improves fluidity, casting performance and tensile strength, but hot cracking tendency increases and corrosion resistance decreases.

5. Fe: the alloy contains 0.6-1.0% iron is beneficial to die casting, when the iron content is too high, the fluidity of the alloy will be reduced and hot cracking characteristics increases.

6. Mn: reduce the harmful effect of iron, too high manganese content will cause segregation.

7. Ti: Adding a small amount of titanium into the aluminum alloy can significantly refine the grain structure of the aluminum casting, improve the mechanical properties of the alloy, and reduce the hot cracking tendency.

Check out the American Standard ASTM B85-96 die casting aluminum alloy composition chart.

Die Cast Aluminum Alloy Grades Comparison Chart

Check out the die cast aluminum alloy grades comparison chart featuring the designation system of China (GB), American (ASTM, ANSI & SAE), the United Kingdom (BS), Germany (DIN), Japan (JIS) and ISO.