Can We Use Water Cutting Technology For Aluminum Alloy Die Casting?

Ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine is to pass ordinary water through an ultra-high pressure pressurizer, pressurize the water to 3000bar, and then generate a water jet about 3 times the speed of sound through the water nozzle with channel diameter of 0.3mm. Under the control of computer, it can easily cut soft materials with any graphics, such as paper, sponge, fiber, etc. if sand is added to increase its cutting force, It can cut almost any material, including widely used aluminum alloy die casting.


1. Without the restriction of cutting direction, it can complete various special-shaped machining.

2. The lateral force generated by the water jet on the workpiece is very small, which can reduce the setting time and save the cost of using the fixture.

3. Water jet machining will not produce thermal deformation and does not need secondary processing, which can save time and manufacturing cost.

4. Water jet cutting has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high efficiency and low processing cost.


1. It can easily cut stainless steel plate or hard marble, granite, etc. it is a very ideal or only processing means for materials that are difficult to cut by other methods, such as aramid, titanium alloy and other composite materials.

2. There will be no cracks during cutting. It can cut materials with narrow gap. Generally speaking, the cut of pure water cutting is about 0.1mm to 1.1mm, and the cut of sand cutting is about 0.8mm to 1.8mm. The larger the diameter of the inner hole of the sand nozzle, the larger the notch.

3. It can be cut in all directions, including aluminum alloy die casting with various shapes, angles or slopes.

4. There is no need for secondary processing such as edge grinding. In the cutting process, it can also reduce flying dust and improve the working environment.

The Form Of Water Cutting And The Composition Of Water Cutting Machine Tool

The form of water cutting is divided from the water quality, including pure water cutting and abrasive cutting; In terms of pressurization methods, there are hydraulic pressurization and mechanical pressurization; In terms of machine tool structure, there are gantry structure and cantilever structure. A complete set of water cutting equipment is composed of ultra-high pressure system, water cutter cutting head device, water cutter cutting platform, CNC controller and CAD / CAM cutting software.

Comparison Between Water Cutting And Laser Cutting

The investment of laser cutting equipment is large. At present, it is mostly used for cutting steel sheet and some non-metallic materials. The cutting speed is fast and the precision is high, but the arc mark and thermal effect will be caused at the cutting seam during laser cutting; In addition, laser cutting is not ideal for some materials, such as aluminum alloy die casting and copper alloy die casting, especially for the cutting of thicker metals, the cutting surface is not ideal or even impossible to cut. At present, the research on high-power laser generator is trying to solve the cutting of thick steel plate, but the cost of equipment investment, maintenance and operation consumption is also considerable. Water cutting has the advantages of small investment, low operation cost, wide range of cutting materials, high efficiency and convenient operation and maintenance.

Comparison Between Water Cutting And Wire Cutting

For metal processing, wire cutting has higher accuracy, but the speed is very slow. Sometimes it needs other methods to pierce and thread, and the cutting size is very limited. Water cutting can punch and cut any material. The cutting speed is fast and the processing size is flexible.

Comparison Of Water Cutting Vs Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has obvious thermal effect, low precision, and it is not easy to carry out secondary processing on the cutting surface. Water cutting belongs to cold cutting, with no thermal deformation and good cutting surface quality. It does not need secondary processing, and it is easy to carry out secondary processing if necessary.

What Is Waterjet Cutting?

Water jet cutting is a plane cutting machine tool composed of ultra-high pressure water jet generator and 2D CNC machining platform. It can penetrate almost all metal and ceramic materials with a certain proportion of high-speed water flow, such as glass and ceramic, so that it can penetrate almost all metal and ceramic materials with a certain proportion of high-speed water flow. Under the guidance of the two-dimensional CNC machining platform, start or end the machining at any position of the material, and move at an appropriate speed according to the set track to realize the plane cutting of any figure.

What Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of Waterjet Cutting?

Compared with the traditional “hot” cutting process, the ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine tool takes water flow as the cutting medium, which is a “cold” cutting process. It has the following functions and advantages:

1. No thermal deformation during cutting, avoiding physical and chemical changes of materials.

2. It is widely applicable to the cutting and processing of various materials and has the reputation of “universal cutting machine”.

3. The incision is smooth and flat without burr, and generally there is no need for reprocessing.

4. Operated by the numerical control system, the cutting precision is high.

5. The cutting seam is less than 1.2mm, which is convenient for nesting and cutting and saves materials.

6. The processing process will not produce waste that pollutes the environment.

CNC water jet cutter is a very ideal or only processing method for materials that are difficult to cut by other methods, such as Kevlar, titanium alloy and various composite materials.

What Precision Can Waterjet Cutting Achieve?

Strictly speaking, although the CNC water jet cutter can cut more accurately than the flame and plasma cutting machine tool, it is not a precision machining machine tool, and the accuracy should not be marked. When cutting sheet metal below 10mm, the cutting speed and compensation shall be properly controlled, and the error can be + – 0.1mm.

What Is The Maximum Thickness That Waterjet Cutting Can Cut?

Because the target distance of water jet is uncertain or variable, the maximum cutting thickness of NC water jet is not well defined. It is reasonable for the bold to say 400 or 500mm and the conservative to say less than 100mm. The existing CNC water jet generally has a flow rate of 2 ~ 3 liters and a working pressure of 200 ~ 380MPa. The jet passes through the air resistance and the energy decays very fast. When it reaches 400 and 500mm, it basically floats with the wind and has no striking force.

For general application, the thickness of cut metal plate is recommended not to exceed 100mm, and the thickness of foaming materials such as sponge is recommended not to exceed 300mm.