Best Aluminum Suitcase 2024 – Top 5 Durable & Cheap Aluminum Carry-Ons


Are you in the market for a metal suitcase? Did you know that it could cost upwards of $1,000 for a little carry on, the ones all the famous people use? Well, today we are talking about top 5 nicest and best aluminum suitcases 2024 that are cheap prices!

Aluminum Luggage Picking Guide – Top 5 Best Aluminum Carry On Brands

Because aluminum luggage is expensive, you’re looking at about 400-500 dollars minimum and 1,000 dollars for the higher end ones, so it’s meant for somebody who wants the best tool for the job and frequent travelers. Aluminum is much more durable and scratch/dent resistant than plastic. It can withstand the rigors of airport travel and baggage handling much better over time. If you are on the road a lot, you want the best aluminum carry on that’s going to protect your stuff through many trips, stay tuned for our aluminum carry on luggage picking guide 2024.

No. 1 Best Aluminum Alloy Carry-On – MVST

MVST Trek 

The MVST Trek is the best aluminum carry-on suitcase 2024 for travelers looking for a durable and well-designed piece of luggage at an affordable price point, as it is made from solid high-grade aluminum alloy that will withstand heavy use over years of travel while coming in at under $400, and despite its lightweight aluminum construction it has been thoroughly designed and tested with thoughtful details like soft-close handles, a flush-fitting extending handle, protective corner guards, smooth-rolling multidirectional wheels that are removable if needed, easy-to-use TSA-approved combination locks, and a weatherproof gasket sealing the entire suitcase to protect contents, giving an overall impression of a higher-end travel case with a sleek and premium aesthetic through its minimalist aluminum body and brushed riveted detailing, thus offering great value and functionality for the cost.

No.2 Best Aluminum Carry-on – Carl Friedrik

The Carry-on (Grey / Cognac)

Price: $495

This is a carbon fiber aluminum luggage that offers the perfect combination of durability, functionality and style for frequent air travelers, with its lightweight yet robust construction of an aluminium frame reinforced with impact-resistant polycarbonate for withstanding the rigors of travel, compact dimensions that fit most global airline carry-on restrictions, smoothly rolling 360-degree spinner wheels, secure TSA-approved locking frame, modular padded interior with compression straps for organized packing. But the downside with this is it is lightweight, so it seems to scratch slightly easier than standard aluminum luggage. The interior design of the the pockets and the fabric just the way that the organization is inside. But if you’re looking to get something that’s slightly nicer than luggage down in that price point, this is one of the budget aluminum carry-on to help last and protect your stuff longer.

No.3 Best Aluminum Carry-on Suitcase – Away

The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition

Price: $645

The aluminum hard shell construction provides robust protection for travel compared to traditional polycarbonate/fabric bags. The combination of metal and leather detailing lends a premium, sophisticated look befitting business trips. The 360-degree spinner wheels allow for easy maneuvering through airports. Integrated locks facilitate security screening at checkpoints. Integrated locks facilitate security screening at checkpoints. Though larger than typical carry-ons, it still fits overhead bins to avoid baggage charges. The compression system and pockets ensure neat, efficient packing for trips. This is an incredible options to get aluminum luggage without spending the full amount money!

No.4 Best Aluminum Carry On Luggage – Tumi

International Carry-On

Price: $1,195.00

The Tumi International Carry-On epitomizes durable style and mobility perfect for professional globetrotters. Its metallic good looks and wealth of clever features justify the brand’s reputation for premium travel gear backing frequent international itineraries. The hard-shell aluminum body provides robust protection and longevity suitable for frequent international travel. Mesh pockets, zip divider and accessories pouch keep items neatly stored. Included destination stickers add a personalized nostalgic flair. Overall, the best aluminum carry on for $1,000 which is a sound investment for the sophisticated jetsetter.

No.5 Best Aluminium Suitcase – Rimowa

Original Cabin Twist Model

Price: $1,650

Rimowa is a German luggage brand that has been in business since 1937, giving them a long history and reputation for high quality products. Their original aluminum carry-on suitcase is made entirely of aluminum, making it very durable yet lightweight. This is relatively expansive but worth getting aluminum Rimowa suitcase in 2024. The Rimowa Original Cabin Twist is considered one of the most iconic and prestigious pieces of luggage on the market due to its durable yet lightweight aluminum construction, distinctive ribbed design, and robust multi-directional wheel system. While the all-aluminum body makes it resistant to damage from the rigors of travel, it will show signs of wear over time with dents and scratches that some view as adding character. However, its premium price of around $1,700 is hard to justify purely based on form and function, though the sleek clamp closure system and included lifetime warranty provide peace of mind.