Best Aluminum Keyboards 2024 – Top 4 Best Budget Keyboards Under $100


We truly live in a golden age of keyboards. When it comes to purchasing premium aluminum keyboards, what’s the best and most affordable to buy in 2024? Read our budget aluminum keyboard buying guide, we’ll talk about the best 65%, 75% & 100% aluminum keyboards.

Aluminum Keyboards Picking Guide 2024 – Top 4 Best Cheap Aluminum Keyboards

Choosing aluminum for a keyboard offers several advantages. Aluminum keyboards are crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and a sleek aesthetic that appeals to keyboard enthusiasts. Their robust construction provides a solid and sturdy typing experience, with significant resistance to flexing, enhancing overall stability and longevity. Additionally, aluminum keyboards offer a premium feel, contributing to a more satisfying and enjoyable typing experience. The diverse selection of aluminum keyboards, including various form factors from compact 60% layouts to full-sized options, ensures that users can find a design that suits their preferences while benefiting from the elegance and long-lasting performance that aluminum provides. Let’s get straight into top 4 best Aluminum alloy keyboards under $100!

1. Best 75% Aluminum Keyboard Kit – Leobog Hi75
Price: $84.15
The Leobog Hi75 is one of the best 75% aluminum keyboard kits in 2024 because it offers exceptional value and performance for the price. While it lacks some advanced features of other comparable keyboards, at a price starting from just $67 for the barebones kit, the Hi75 gives users access to a high-quality all-aluminum frame with adjustable feet and a knob controller. It also supports four different switch types, including Leobog’s own in-house linear switches which are factory lubricated and very smooth for the low cost. Overall the Hi75 provides an entry point into the custom keyboard world for those seeking an affordable aluminum option without compromising on build quality.

2. Best Cheap Aluminum Keyboard – Yunzii AL66
Price: $99.99
The Yunzii AL66 is one of the best budget wireless aluminum keyboards 2024 because it offers great build quality and features at an extremely affordable price point. Featuring a solid CNC aluminum case with anodized coating, the AL66 feels extremely robust yet lightweight compared to most plastic keyboards. More importantly, it sounds amazing out of the box thanks to its factory applied dampening foam, with a smooth, creamy typing experience on par with custom-built boards. Adding to the value, its vibrant RGB colors and rotary encoder provide aesthetics usually found on costlier boards. While it lacks software controls and has some minor lighting issues, the AL66 still delivers high-end aluminum construction and phenomenal acoustics for its affordable $100 price tag, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking an entry into the premium mechanical keyboard world on a budget.

The Yunzii AL66 keyboard has several drawbacks, including inconsistent keycap legends and slight misalignment between the metal top and bottom cases. The side lights are not evenly illuminated, with noticeable hotspots and vignetting, and the connection indicator light cannot be turned off. The keyboard’s angle is not adjustable, which may be uncomfortable for some users.

3. Best Full Aluminum Keybord – Rainy 75
Price: $99
This $99 keyboard changes everything because it offers an unbeatable combination of quality construction, features, and value for the price. Featuring a robust CNC aluminum case with glass backplate and damping foam that results in a lush sounding typing experience on par with high-end custom boards, the Rainy 75 is also fully programmable via QMK/VIA. Add to that its hot-swap PCB, RGB lighting, and starting price of just $99 for a full pre-built kit including switches and keycaps, and it leaves very little room for competition at this price point. With outstanding performance and build quality usually reserved for boards twice its cost, the Rainy 75 resets expectations for what a budget aluminum keyboard can be.

The main problem reported with the Rainy 75 keyboard is its inconsistent gasket flex, which feels flexy and uneven in certain spots. This is thought to be due to overly aggressive flex cuts made in the polycarbonate plate and PCB, resulting in “hot spots” rather than an even flex throughout. While removing and adding different foams can help adjust the flex, the uneven flex remains an issue that limits the board’s customizability and tuning. Addressing the inconsistent flex from the component design level would help improve what is otherwise a budget keyboard that punches above its weight class in terms of build, sound and features for the highly affordable price.

4. Best 65% Aluminum Keyboard – Boyi GMK67
Price: $69.99
The Boyi GMK67 is one of the best cheap 65% aluminum keyboards in 2024 because it offers a uniquely high-quality experience for an affordable price. Featuring a robust aluminum case with gasket mounting, foam dampening, and factory-lubed stabilizers that result in an exceptionally refined sounding and feeling typing experience, the GMK67 also supports multiple connection types including 2.4GHz wireless. At a price that undercuts many plastic competitors, the GMK67 delivers build quality, features and customization normally associated with boards twice its cost. Though it has minor wireless connection issues, Boyi has demonstrated strong customer support to resolve problems. Overall, the GMK67 resets expectations for what can be achieved in an affordable aluminum pre-built, making it a top recommendation for those seeking outstanding value in a budget custom keyboard.


While it offers tremendous value for its affordable price point, the GMK67’s 2.4GHz wireless connection can experience occasional interference issues when rapidly pressing many keys at once, which may cause lag, repeated key presses, or temporary disconnections. This wireless connection problem is the keyboard’s primary reported flaw, though Boyi has shown responsiveness in addressing issues for affected customers.