Benefits of Zinc Alloy Die Casting on Parts of Small Appliances (2)

Today we will continue the last topic. Customer experience is another aspect that must be taken into account when selecting materials. The relationship between the end user and the product consists of many variables, such as performance and practicality, as well as its visual appearance, texture and durability. Zinc parts bring excellent feelings to customers in terms of visual impact and tactility. Components made from it are more easily considered clean, durable and of high quality by them.

Regarding these functions, it is necessary to consider that end users can use small devices through buttons and handles. If the main body of the product is made of plastic, the button or handle made of zinc can provide users with different experiences. These details have improved the customer’s experience and changed their product choices.

From the point of view of the end customer, easy cleaning is one aspect that affects the purchase choice of products. For example, compared with other surfaces, surfaces of chrome-plated zinc parts are hard, firm and smooth, so it is easier to clean them. In addition to being easy to clean, chrome-plated zinc also conveys a sense of tidiness and brightness. These qualities make parts better than parts on other surfaces.

Nowadays, more and more companies follow the concept of sustainable development. In order to support sustainable development, it is suggested to use recyclable materials. Even if zinc alloy is melted many times and reused, its performance will not be reduced. In general, the use of remelted zinc alloy is limited to about 50%, so that manufacturing wastes can be completely discharged.

Today, the implementation of this recycling system allows the recycling of large quantities of die casting waste. Therefore, zinc is a material with extremely low toxicity and does not need to consume a large amount of energy for manufacturing and recycling. These characteristics make zinc an environmentally friendly material.

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