Benefits of Zinc Alloy Die Casting on Parts of Small Appliances

Zinc is a great material in many manufacturing apartment, including the branch of appliances. This material is suitable for producing parts of small appliances such as those of washing machines, coffee machines. Here are some advantages of zinc in small appliances and maybe you will understand why people like it.

Using zinc or zamak alloy manufacturers can make components in any shape. Because of this metal, it is possible to get very thin surfaces of parts that other material cannot reach. This gives more freedom in parts design. Unique design makes unique products. So zinc is a good choice in manufacturing complicated products.

Zinc alloy provides stable shrinking and high resistance, so it can help manufacturer get parts with high quality. For example, compare with plastic materials, zinc alloy offers a superior typical precision and better yield and tensile strength. These characteristics lead to a high degree of freedom in part design, not to mention the excellent quality of the final product.

Zinc alloy can be treated with many surface compositions. It can improve the quality of parts by high level finishing. The main treatments achievable on zinc alloy are as follows:

  • satin chrome finish, polished chrome finish, and different colors finish
  • powder coating
  • liquid painting
  • special treatments, to less wear of parts

More over Special surface treatment using alloy physical properties can be realized on zinc parts. For the above-mentioned treatments, the second one is a good example that is realizable through powder electrode position and heating at high temperature (about 200 degrees Celsius). Compared with paint, this kind of coating has better tactility. Using this treatment for zinc alloy on a part can improve a great added value to it.

Zinc alloy in producing small appliances has many benefits. Next passage will also about the topic of zinc alloy. Hope you are interested in.

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Benefits of Zinc Alloy Die Casting on Parts of Small Appliances