Shot blasting is an important surface treatment technique in the casting foundry, how it is done, and what equipment is used? In this article, we’ll introduce the shot blasting machine and the applications of shot blasting in casting.

What is a Shot Blasting Machine?

A shot blasting machine refers to the casting equipment that uses the high-speed shot thrown by the shot blasting machine to clean or strengthen the casting surface. Shot blasting can simultaneously remove the sand, core, and clean castings. Compared with other surface treatment technologies, it is faster and more effective and can be used for the casting process after partial retention or stamping. A shot blasting machine can also be used to remove burrs, diaphragms, and rust, which may affect the integrity, appearance, or definition of object parts. The shot blasting machine can also remove the pollutants on the surface of a part of the coating, and provide a surface contour to increase the adhesion of the coating, so as to strengthen the workpiece. A shot blasting machine is different from a shot blasting machine in that it is used to reduce the fatigue life of parts, increase different surface stress, increase the strength of parts, or prevent fretting.

Applications of Shot Blasting Machines in the Casting Industry

Surface cleaning

Shot blasting equipment is first used to remove the surface sand and oxide scale of steel castings and iron castings in the foundry industry. Almost all steel castings, gray castings, Ma steel castings, and nodular iron castings should be shot blasted. This is not only to remove the oxide scale and sand sticking on the surface of the casting, but also an indispensable preparation process before the quality inspection of the casting. For example, the shell of a large gas turbine must be strictly shot blasted before NDT, so as to ensure the reliability of the flaw detection results. In general casting production, shot blasting is an essential process to find casting surface defects such as subcutaneous pores, slag holes, sand sticking, cold insulation, peeling, and so on. The surface cleaning of non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloy and copper alloy, in addition to removing oxide scale and finding surface defects of castings, the main purpose is to remove the burrs of die castings by shot blasting and obtain the surface quality with decoration significance to obtain comprehensive results. In metallurgical iron and steel production, shot blasting or pickling is a process method of mechanical or chemical removal of phosphorus scale to ensure high productivity in the mass production of iron and steel. In the production of silicon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, and other alloy steel plates and strip shot blasting or pickling treatment must be carried out after annealing in the process of cold rolling, so as to ensure the surface roughness and thickness accuracy of cold-rolled steel plate.


Check quality

Pass through shot blasting machine is mainly used in the casting industry, especially in the cast steel and cast iron industry. In these industries, a shot blasting machine is a very common production equipment, which is mainly used to clean the surface of cast steel and cast iron. Sand, scale, and other impurities. In the foundry industry, basically all steel and cast iron parts must be processed by a shot blasting machine. The purpose of this is not only to clean the surface impurities of the casting but also to check the quality of the casting after casting. Products with the poor surface can be directly screened. In general casting production, all produced castings must be cleaned by a shot blasting machine to clean the casting surface and check the surface defects, gas and viscosity on the casting surface. There is peeling. After the technical processing of the shot blasting machine, these can be clearly seen. Through the technical processing of the shot blasting machine, these defective products can be directly screened out without manual selection one by one.


Machine the surface

In addition to the surface cleaning effect of the casting, the shot blasting machine can also process the surface of the casting and can be processed by the technology of the shot blasting machine to achieve the required effect and produce the surface of the casting. The corresponding surface quality effect makes it easy to meet the production requirements of castings, greatly reduces the labor cost of castings, and improves the production efficiency of castings. Through the surface technology of the straight-through shot blasting machine, the surface of the casting meets the requirements.


Workpiece strengthening

According to the modern metal strength theory, increasing the dislocation density inside the metal is the main direction to improve mental strength. The practice has proved that shot blasting is an effective process method to increase metal dislocation structure. This is of great significance for some workpieces that require further strengthening on the basis of transformation hardening (such as martensite quenching) or transformation hardening. Aviation, aerospace industry, automobile, tractor, and other parts require lightweight, but the reliability requirements are higher and higher. The important measure is to use the shot blasting process to improve the strength and fatigue strength of components.