Aluminum A380 Alloy

What is a380 aluminum?

A380 is one amongst the foremost unremarkably nominative aluminum alloys with a variety of great benefits: It offers the most effective combination of casting, mechanical, and thermal properties. It exhibits wonderful runniness, pressure tightness, and resistance to hot cracking.




Alloy A380

Tensile Strength 324 MPa

Yield Strength (0.2%) 160 MPa

Impact Strength 4 J

Shear Strength 190 MPa

Hardness 80 Brinell (HB)

Elongation3.5 % in 50mm


Density 2.71 g/cm3

Melting Point (Average +/- 50) 566 C

Thermal Conductivity 96 W/m K

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion     21.8 µm/m°K

Electrical Conductivity     23 %IACS


Copper    3.0-4.0

Magnesium    0.1

Iron (max)    1.3

Tin (max)     0.35

Nickel (max)    0.5

Zinc    3.0

Manganese    0.5

Silicon    7.5-9.5

Other-Metallic    0.5

A380 die solid part various forms of materials square measure accustomed turn out completely different elements through several types of casting ways. as an example, metals (and alloys as well) are often used for cars, off-road or road vehicles, electrical elements, medical elements, equipment, engine brackets, gear case cases, family article of furniture, power and hand tools.

A380 – formally aluminum 380 – is one amongst the foremost wide used die casting metals without delay. this sort of AL is often found during a wide range of places and even in your residence or flat. The term A380 itself is simply a designation by shaping corporations accustomed to distinguish this sort of aluminum from different metals and alloys.

This is AN older alloy that’s still in wide use by the shaping business for everyday use. Today, the places wherever you’ll principally notice this metal embody a day automotive vehicle elements, industrial elements, housings, and different elements.

Also, this material could be quite common in builders’ tools. simply head to any ironmongery shop (or even the hardware aisle during a grocery store) and you’ll notice some tools that square measure created out of A380.

A380 remains one amongst the longest used metals and remains in a lot of use nowadays. As a result, the likelihood is that sturdy that we are going to still see shaping factories and industries mass turn out this metal sort. we are going to conjointly still see it in use in our tools and each day’s materials in our automobile elements.

So why is that this form of aluminum thus widespread in manufacturing?
It’s as a result of it’s extraordinarily versatile and simple to use in most industrial producing comes.

Everyday things in our homes are often effectively and affordably created out of A380. this can be why that once elements of your home square measure in want of replacement, like a doorknob, as we’ve talked concerning (though it may also be used for varied elements like levers and vales), most of those you’ll notice at your native ironmongery shop are created out of AL380.

A380 is extremely reliable and high in strength, and it’s conjointly a reasonable choice. this can be conjointly fascinating since it’s not specifically an innovative (if you’ll decision it that) or revolutionary alloy. Instead, it’s easy, strong, and low cost to create. Unless AN alloy that’s even as sturdy for the money involves fruition, this aluminum alloy goes to still be used for an extended time.

It is in terribly widespread use around the world because it has the proper quantity of strength that a die casting alloy wants. A key purpose of exploitation of this material is that the value economical valuation for factories and metal operating industries to manufacture.

Besides, it serves the U.S. all right. Most of our everyday tools, doorknobs, and handles, window frames, vales work for the U.S. all right, and it’s, for the most part, thanks to the effectiveness of this metal alloy. thus if you think that concerning it, this AL material very serves the U.S. in additional ways that then you may have guessed.

In conclusion, A380 is one amongst the foremost unremarkably used and enduring die casting alloys out there.