The zinc alloy die-casting parts are very common, such as automobile parts housings, precision connector housings or shells. Let’s learn about the advantages of zinc alloy die-casting shell parts.

Advantages of Zinc Alloy Shell Die Castings

Good product quality:

1. High precision: the size of zinc alloy castings can generally reach IT11~IT13, or even IT9 in some cases.

2. Good finish: the surface roughness of zinc alloy die castings can reach Ra0.8~3.2 um, and sometimes even Ra0.4 um.

3. Dense structure. The zinc alloy die castings have high strength and hardness. Because the liquid metal is cooled and solidified under pressure, and the filling time is extremely short, the cooling speed is extremely fast, so a layer of fine metal grains near the surface of the die castings has dense structure, which not only makes the casting surface have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also improves the hardness of the entire casting — the tensile strength of the die castings is generally 25~30% higher than that of sand casting, Only the elongation has decreased.

4. Stable size and good product interchangeability.

5. Be able to manufacture metal parts with complex shape, clear contour and thin wall and deep cavity. Because molten metal maintains high fluidity under high pressure and high speed, it can obtain metal parts that are difficult to be processed by other process methods. For example, the current minimum wall thickness of zinc alloy die castings can reach 0.3mm, aluminum alloy castings can reach 0.5mm, and the minimum casting hole diameter is 0.7mm。 The minimum pitch is 0.75 mm.

High production efficiency:

1. The horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine with high machine productivity can die-casting 600~700 times per eight hours on average, and the small hot chamber die-casting machine can die-casting 3000-7000 times per eight hours on average.

2. The service life of the die casting die is long. A pair of die casting die used for die-casting aluminum alloy can generally reach 60000-80000 times, sometimes even up to 100000 times.

3. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation.

Good economy:

1. High utilization rate of materials: because die castings have the advantages of accurate size and low surface roughness, they can be directly assembled and used without further machining, or the processing amount is very small, and they can be assembled and used only after a small amount of machining, which not only improves the utilization rate of metal, but also reduces a large number of processing equipment and labor hours. The utilization rate of forest materials is about 60%-80%, and the utilization rate of rough materials is about 90%.

2. The price of zinc alloy die castings is relatively cheap.

3. It can save valuable materials and processing time. Parts made of other materials can be directly embedded in zinc alloy die castings, which not only meets the use requirements, expands the use of products, but also reduces the assembly workload and simplifies the manufacturing process.