With the rapid development of computer technology, the simulation software of the casting process is also applied. The application of casting simulation technology is not limited to the simulation and analysis in the process of product development, and the process simulation of production and manufacturing also plays a pivotal role. That is, before casting, the simulation experiment is carried out on the computer for the established process. It can ensure the success of the process, design, and mold manufacturing. So, what is the commonly used casting software? We sorted out the commonly used casting software album for you!


8 Best Casting Simulation Software


MAGMAsoft is a comprehensive and effective simulation tool for improving casting quality, optimizing process conditions and greatly reducing casting costs. It supports the establishment of sound process conditions and the optimization of all casting materials and processes in casting. It is designed to predict casting quality by simulating filling, solidification and cooling in all casting production processes. In all casting processes, residual stress and deformation, as well as the stroke and property distribution of the microstructure can be effectively evaluated. Simulation can be used for virtual test planning while pursuing different quality and cost objectives.

Manufacturer: magma

Origin: Germany


2.FLOW-3D Cast

FLOW-3D cast provides a comprehensive casting solution with complete flow field and thermodynamic field. Through cooperation with customers in the metal casting industry, the casting process knowledge and simulation advantages are combined in the optimization process of casting and casting process, providing a complete simulation tool for the foundry, which can model all the casting processes common in modern foundry.

Manufacturer: flow Science

Origin: USA



ProCAST provides many modules and engineering tools to meet the most challenging needs of the foundry industry. Based on powerful finite element analysis, it can predict severe distortion and residual stress, and can be used in semi-solid forming, core blowing process, centrifugal casting, lost foam casting, continuous casting and other special processes. Compared with the finite difference method (FDM), the numerical calculation method based on the finite element method (FEM) has greater flexibility and is especially suitable for simulating various physical phenomena in the forming process of complex castings.

Manufacturer: ESI

Origin: France


4.Huazhu CAE

Huazhu CAE takes the numerical simulation technology of the casting filling and solidification process as the core to carry out process analysis and quality prediction of the casting molding process, to assist the process personnel to complete the process optimization of the casting. It is an important tool for analyzing and optimizing the casting process. The software simulates the mold filling and solidification process of the casting and predicts the possible defects such as air entrainment, slag inclusion, sand flushing, insufficient pouring, cold shut, shrinkage cavity, and shrinkage porosity in the casting process.

Manufacturer: Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Origin: China


5.SolidThinking Click2Cast

SolidThinking click2cast is a casting process simulation software that allows users to enhance and optimize their manufactured parts. Help users avoid typical casting defects, such as air retention, porosity, cold shooting, etc. due to simple and fast mold filling simulation. It provides an innovative user experience and avoids iteration between design and production.

Manufacturer: Altair

Origin: USA



Novacast casting simulation system adopts advanced CVM control volume method computer numerical simulation technology. It is a software tool specially developed for analyzing, evaluating and optimizing casting process scheme. With the help of this software system, casting technicians can make computer simulation of the casting forming process under the existing scheme when designing the process scheme, display the changes of casting process temperature, mold filling speed, pressure and solidification time through the computer, and predict the possible defects.

Manufacturer: Novacast

Origin: Sweden



Thercast is a 3-D finite element software system used to simulate ingot casting and continuous casting of steel ingots and other metals. It reduces the time and cost of planning, optimizing, starting and running new casting processes or optimizing existing processes. Based on the non fixed 3-D finite element method, many thermodynamic and mechanical characteristics of casting process are fully integrated into a single model and a single algorithm set. This can greatly improve the accuracy in many aspects and provide the information needed to properly design or optimize the casting process.

Manufacturer: Transvalor

Origin: France



AnyCasting is a new generation of advanced casting simulation software system based on Windows operating platform independently developed by AnyCasting company in Korea. It is a simulation system specially developed for various casting processes. It can be used to simulate the mold filling, heat conduction, solidification process and stress field of casting.

Manufacturer: AnyCasting

Origin: Korea