Zinc, An Amazing Metal In Automotive Industry

Zinc die casting process is everywhere. It is commonly used for parts manufacturing in industrial and construction industry, as well as in automotive industry. Many components of automobiles can be made by zinc die casting. It can be said that modern process originated from the automotive industry.

it is usually not necessary to carry out machining after zinc die casting process, because of its almost 100% accuracy. Raw zinc die castings can also be used because their surfaces are very smooth. Zinc die casting accounts for 28% of the application in the automotive industry, ranking behind the hardware and construction industry.

Nowadays, zinc as an significant metal plays an very important role in the automotive industry, especially for products like door lock housing, retractor gears, pawls, and pulleys in the seat belt system. Zinc and its alloys are ductility, malleability and strength, which other materials cannot compare with. Besides, one of the best ways to produce components with high-quality aesthetics, strict tolerances and embossing is using zinc. Zinc is an amazing metal for automotive industry.

Zinc alloys makes develop items and simplify production possible. It can be produced a durable product. The characteristics of zinc are strength, stability and ductility and they enable the company to get better product. Here are some advantages of zinc.

  • Corrosion resistance, durable in harsh environments.
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Strong stability, basis of top quality product.
  • Low melting point, energy saving.
  • Improve production technology, make more complex parts.
  • Fit for electroplating.

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