What should we consider in part design for die casting?

The design of parts is very important. If engineers are willing to make efforts for the design of parts, it would be best. In die casting, the design of parts needs to consider the following four factors


  • The wall thickness should be uniform

In the process of die casting, uniform wall thickness is helpful for material filling, thus improving product quality and reducing production cost. Avoid large areas is also necessary. Ribs should be used when increasing strength or rigidity is required.

  • Cost is important

More complex parts need to be manufactured by machining to maintain tighter tolerances. This will lead to an increase in costs. Of course, it is also possible to combine several parts into one casting, which can greatly reduce the cost of parts. In the design of parts, cost reduction is also one of the important factors.

  • Need a mold flow analysis


Running a mould flow analysis allows engineers on both sides to see the shape and filling of the parts. If any unreasonable parts design is found in this process, it can be adjusted before the making mould and producing. Mould flow analysis enables engineers to find problems and solve them in advance, which is also an important part to save costs.


  • Drawings are the soul of parts

The drawings shall indicate all requirements in the die casting process, including raw materials, surface treatment, drilling, etc. The parts on the drawings are the soul of the product, and the production of parts needs to start with shaping the soul.

Datum schemes and tolerances are also very important. Of course, working with a good die casting manufacturer is the best way. He will give you advice to help you adjust the defects in the product. We are a great die casting manufacturer, if you need help, please contact us now!

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