Do You Know These About Zinc Die Casting Finishing?

Different zinc die casting finishing process has different set of characteristics. The cost you need to pay will also significantly different from one process to another. In some special conditions, the finishing processes might be more expensive than die casting itself. But if both the manufacturer and customer work together from the very beginning of the die casting process, they would be able to balance these costs.

After finished die cast products, makers usually use post-cast and thermal deburring process because the products need to remove flashes, clean up round and sharp edges and brighten the rough surfaces. These processes make products harder and offer better protection to the die against corrosion and wear.

According to the requirements of customer, most of zinc die casting parts need more than one finishing treatments. So you must make sure that the products you made can be able to undergoing these processes. You can get some advice from professional die caster if you don’t know how to do.

There are three steps of zinc die casting finishing: deburring phase, surface conversion coating and final surface finishing.

The first step is deburring phase. Most of die caster use vibratory processes during this stage. It would clean up burrs, debris and other unnecessary particles from the product. Die caster usually put the products to the deburring operation immediately after finished from the mould.

The next step is surface conversion coating. This process removes the oil and other contaminants from products. You can also paint the surface of the product soon because of the coating.

The last step is final surface finishing. In this process, you can do some different on the surface of the product in order to meet the requirements of the customer. Powder coating is useful to make parts durable. Electroplating is also a good choice for better corrosion and wear resistrance.

Zinc die casting finishing is important to level up the product. It can help you to produce a very high quality part if you can rule the finishing process. If you have no idea how to do it, please contact us. We will give you some advice.

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