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Why Chinese Capacity on Aluminum Die Castings Expands?

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2015-03-26 16:21:09   Hits: 485
Aluminum die castings come into wide application. The demand for aluminum die castings is substantial in industry. Throughout the development of China aluminum die castings, the capacity is continually expanding. It is known that the output of China aluminum die castings is increasing year by year. There are several reasons for the rapid development.

First. Driven by lightening trend of automobiles, global aluminum die casting market gives rise to great demand. What’s more, along with the optimization and upgrade of auto field in recent years, aluminum castings gradually substitute for gray iron castings. This fact impels the constant growth of demand for aluminum die castings. 

Second. Due to the development of global die casting industry, various industries are increasing their demand for aluminum die castings.

Third. Pushed by global economy integration trend, the global center of die casting production gradually shifts to China. Chinese advantages on labor force and aluminum resources make domestic die casting field develop in a rapid speed. 

All in all, Chinese increasing capacity on aluminum die casting field is caused by market. This fact is essentially different from excess capacity. At present, international die casting field has ushered new challenges with the help of new technologies and new energy resources. Changes of life notion lead to new demands for quality, performance and appearance of die castings and moulds. Being light, thin and environment-friendly have been required by the public. Current die casting field is mainly leaded by digitization, information and strengthening intelligence. Therefore, inter-disciplinary talents and high-tech talents are in demand. In future, die casting field can only development on its own efforts.