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Use Internet to Develop Mold Industry

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2016-05-17 17:26:10   Hits: 69
Considered as mother of industry, mold industry is always depending traditional offline market to improve economic benefit. Although the business model can maintain over 30,000 mold manufacturers throughout China, supply-demand imbalance is still the main problem of traditional mold industry developing. Competition in global mold manufacturing industry is more and more drastic. With global mold industry globalization distribution developing, as two largest mold producing countries, Japan and the U.S. are accelerating expansion to overseas. Proportion of mold in total industrial output value of other countries shows constantly declining tendency while Japanese and American molds are still occupying the important position in global high-end products. 

Data show that with center of mold making in developed countries is transferred to developing countries represented by China, Chinese mold manufacturing industry grows quickly. However, the competition in industry is also enhanced. Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are the two largest manufacturing bases and distributing centers in China. Competition in two regions is intensified. Among that, quantity, revenue and profit of foreign-funded enterprises reach 35.98%, 47.19% and 56.05% respectively, playing a key role in competition of Chinese mold industry.

Experts claim that in the new period that internet is pervasive, conventional marketing pattern already cannot meet requirements of industry development. If mold industry wants to develop more quickly, holding forefront of the times, depending on internet and making full use of internet though are inevitable choices for traditional industry.

Internet is the medium having the fastest information transformation velocity. Relative big data acquired from internet platform can help enterprises know demands for categories and related quantity of mold and guide them produce reasonably. In addition, connecting with internet, popularize products effectively, taking overstocked products a turn for the better. Various traditional industries having development problems successfully realize industry transformation with the help of internet. Mold vertical search engine comes out under such new time and environment.

A research showed that in 2012, mold industry kept good development momentum. Mold enterprises have abundant order forms and full missions. Sales volume of mold was 87 billion RMB, growing by 21% compared with the same period of 2011. At the same time, mold manufacturing technologies were highly improved. Some technologies had already closed or reached to international level. It is predicted that Chinese mold output value may break through 400 billion RMB during the period of the 13th-Five-year-plan.

At presents, mold industry is still faced with great opportunities and challenges. Internet provides a huge market to mold industry. Precise complicated stamping mold, plastic mold, mold of auto covering parts, mold of electronic connector required by Chinese manufacturing industry still depend on import largely. Deficit between import and export of mold products exceeds than 1 billion dollars. The future competition will focus on core competitiveness of products, no matter home or abroad. If Chinese mold industry wants to develop further, enterprises and government should pay attention on development and innovation of technologies.

Use Internet to Develop Mold Industry