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Tips on Choosing Mould Manufacturers

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-11-12 16:25:46   Hits: 386
How to find the most professional mould manufacturer? This paper will list several tips for you. 

1.ID & MD, Moulds & Injection

Industry design is actually a game between art and reality. In China, many entrepreneur and product managers often focus on ID (short for Industry Design) while neglecting MD (short for Mechanical Design). It is the same for domestic design companies. In fact, ID and MD should both be taken into account. 

Furthermore, mould and injection should be combined as well. If a company had problems with product moulds, the design of it must be wrong. A designer who is blind to production capacity can not finish the work perfectly. Great differences will occur between the product and his design. Therefore, one should coordinate the relationship of these four factors and always consider all of them. 

2.Equipments for Critical Procedures. 

From materials to finished products, moulds have to undergo many process including grinding, milling, CNC, W/C, EDB, EDM, tempering, polishing, quality inspection, assembly and so on. In line with different requirements on the accuracy, shapes and sizes of moulds, designers will choose different manufacturing procedures. They also adjust the orders of these procedures to guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of moulds. 

Only the professional people can understand these procedures and equipments. If you were a layperson, you should do some preparation work before connecting with mould manufacturers. You should know some professional terms, equipments for key procedures and accuracy that these equipments can achieve. These knowledge can help your go on a deep conversation with manufacturers. 

3.Kanban & Samples

Viewing the on-sit Kanban can help us grasp much information, such as process management, success rate, timely delivery rate, etc. 

We can know manufacturers’ degrees of standardization from samples in their sample room as well as those in making. 

4. Occurrence of Problems

Products that are perfect at the first time will be OK in the following production. Nevertheless, those manufacturers that change products all the time and many problems take place, things won’t go better in the future.  


Do not place orders in August or September. That is because, various mobile phone manufacturers release their new products in autumn. Thus, mould manufacturers are getting involved with the manufacture of phone shells. They might be too busy to finish you orders during this period.