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Tips for Using Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Mould

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2015-09-09 16:32:48   Hits: 281
For high requirements for manufacturing technology and high cost, aluminum alloy die casting mould is one of the most important fixed assets for enterprises. Rational utilization can effectively extend service life of die casting mold. During actual production, mould cooling, mould temperature control and signal line maintenance should be noticed. 

1. Using mould cooling system
Mould cooling water can not only extend service life of mould, but also improve production efficiency under rational usage. 

The materials of mould are made out by using specialized die steel through various treatments. Good die steel still has limitation, such as temperature. When mould is used, if the temperature is too high, cracks will appear on surface of mould core early and easily. The color of mould core may even be changed because of over high temperature during production. The temperature can reach to more than 400℃ through measurement. Cracks may appear under such high temperature and chilling state of release agent. Deformation, pull or soldering may occur easily on products. Using cooling water can reduce utilization of release agent. The advantage is that extend service life of mould, decreasing die casting period, improving quality of products. It can also reduce loss of kicker pin and core caused by over high temperature. 

2. The mold should be preheated when begins to produce. 
It prevents crack from appearing when cold mould meet suddenly with hot molten metal. Complicated mould can be heated by using blowtorch and gas or even mould temperature controller. Simple mould can be heated by slow press shot. 

3. If mould is equipped with neutron flux measuring, contact of signal line between die casting machine and mould should not be allowed.  

During daily production, it is hard for protecting signal lines from water, and contactor is broken easily, which may cause short circuit with machine tool. If wrong signal is caused, it may result in alarming and automatic stop, losing time or chaos signal which damages mould. Limit switch should be protected from water. 

Tips for Using Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Mould