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The Precision and Durability of Moulds

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2015-09-25 14:51:59   Hits: 330
Advanced equipment is an essential factor for quality of products. Moulds also play a key role in casting. Especially for aluminum alloy auto parts manufacturers, the precision and durability of moulds have direct impact on quality of products. 

First of all, appropriate casting technology must be chosen. The merits of moulds have closed relationship with quality of castings and yield. Some moulds manufacturers in China have already begun to use solidification simulation for aided design of casting. Through computer simulation of filling and solidification, hot junction position which easily result in casting defects can be found and overcome, which is quite effective for improving reliability of casting and preventing unnecessary reworks during debugging. 

Secondly, moulds should have good heat capacity. Thicker mould bases or modules which meet requirements are not only efficient assurance for service life of moulds, but also play key role in temperature field regulation when moulds operate constantly. Some manufacturers are always reducing effective thickness of moulds for decreasing light in terms of cost reduction and materials saving. That not only descends service lives of moulds, but also makes castings deform more easily, affecting dimension precision. It may cause castings batch scrap and losses. More seriously, it may damage reputation of manufacturers.      

Thirdly, moulds should have reliable cooling system and exhaustion system. Cooling can improve productivity. It can also regulate temperature field of castings, control cooling velocity of castings, influencing internal organizational structure of castings and grains sizes, realizing efficient control on castings mechanical properties. Exhaustion system means that exhaust gas inside cavity manually in order to reduce the possibility that cause pores on castings. Meanwhile, installing venting plug can regulate mould temperature in small region, important for preventing or overcoming aluminum alloy cracking or shrinkage depression. 

Finally, there must be positioning device and installation system of moulds, matching with casting machine. Positioning device ensures casting dimension, reduce flashes and rags. It is also the key for ensuring casting machine normal operation. Without positioning device, qualified casings having high quality cannot be made out. Moreover, moulds should be installed or disassembled conveniently. Due to aluminum alloy gravity casting, the moulds should be disassembled for spraying and repairing at stated time. Inconvenient disassembling will increase labor intensity of workers, occupying more labor time, reducing yield and efficiency. 

For casting manufacturers, high quality moulds mean high quality castings, lower cost and higher profits. 

The Precision and Durability of Moulds