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The Differences between Mould Forming and General Products

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2015-11-04 16:50:42   Hits: 380
With modern manufacturing technology highly developing, mould forming is widely applied for its high precision and high efficiency.

The development of digital design and manufacturing technology highly improves the shape and precision of components, which has higher requirements for forming precision of mould and mould forming products and quality assurance during production. The application of detection for maintaining the precision and efficiency of components is necessary. It is also the fundamental of quality control for mould forming products. 

Due to mould forming features, there are differences of test between mould forming and general products, which are shown the following aspects. 

1. Mould forming components are generally complicated. Both shape and structure bring difficulties to measurement. 
2. Because of materials and structure of some products such as injection molds and thin parts, measurement is quite difficult.

Moreover, the precision of products has closed relationship with forming process, which bring difficulties to measurements of forming products, adjustment of moulds and accuracy control of follow-up batches processing.

For above reasons, test and quality control of mould and its forming products have their own characteristics.  


The Differences between Mould Forming and General Products