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The development prospect of Chinese die casting industry

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2017-01-05 15:10:24   Hits: 46
The Analysis of developing prospect of Chinese die casting industry: according to the market survey analysis report of die cast industry, the national die cast production of 2015 is over 300 million tons, which is only narrow sense of die cast. The total products can reach more than 400 million tons include low pressure and squeeze casting process, which is broad sense of die cast. Die cast business is expected to grow 8% in 2016, and the industry is going to develop steadily.
In recent years, quite a few transnational companies enter Chinese market by the forms of joint venture and cooperation, which intensifies competition. The long-term prospects for Chinese die casting will attract foreign counterparts, this can bring a very good developing chance for domestic die cast manufacturers. In order to be advanced and increase international competitiveness, Chinese domestic die cast enterprises should focus on the development of brand, environment protection, standardization; improve the research and development of independent intellectual property products; push forward technical progress in the sector; implement scientific development viewpoint of green manufacturing and extend the service.
Under the big environment that China has become the world's manufacturing base, we had built up a complete die cast industry, related industry chain and some relatively more developed die cast industrial bases, and become the world great manufacturer. With the sustained and steady development of the downstream industries of automobile, communication device, engine, aerospace, electric and machinery, China has a great space for die cast development in the future.