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The 17th JNMTE, Qingdao, August 3-6, 2014

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-07-25 16:09:18   Hits: 393

The 17th JNMTE, Qingdao, August 3-6, 2014 - Junying

Exhibition: The 17th Qingdao International Machine Tools & Moulds Exhibition (JNMTE 2014)
Date: August 3-6, 2014. 
Address: Qingdao International Convention Center. 
Organizer: Qingdao Jinnoc International Expo CO.,Ltd. 
Industry: Machine tools industry, mould industry. 

The exhibition has invented over 600 well-known enterprises in the fields. These exhibitor will bring thousands of advanced, precise and sophisticated facilities and machines. 

It is reported that Qingdao International Machine Tools & Moulds Exhibition has totally attracted more than 2200 exhibitors since it is held several years ago. At the same time, industrial fora, seminars as well as technical exchange and promotion council held during the exhibition periods up to more than 100, attaching attentions of over 300 thousand visitors. This exhibition not only introduces in large amounts of new facilities and technology for the local industrial field, but also offers a trading platform which based on exchange and sales. It has got great reputation for promotes development of related fields.