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Six Questions When Purchasing Hardware Locks

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-10-31 14:56:32   Hits: 348

Nowadays, there are a wide range of hardware locks on the market. According to application, door locks can be classified into locks with anti-theft chains, channel locks, bathroom locks, etc. On base of types, the spherical locks, handle locks, mortise locks and so on. Despite of all these classifications, several problems should be taken into account when choosing locks. 

First, where does the lock will be used?
The places might be doors facing the street, landing doors, bedrooms, bathrooms or channels. The different importance of those doors should affect your final decision. 

Second, what kind of doors are the locks applied to?
When purchasing a lock for a door, you should know clear of the conditions of the door. You need to know the structure and thickness of doors as well as the opening direction of doors. There are doors that opened from right, while others from left. There are also inward opening doors and outward opening doors. Thus, you should observe your doors firstly before buying locks for them. 

Third, is it consistent with your decoration style? 

This point is considered from the aesthetic aspect. Take it into consideration, and you will be pleased with the harmonious arrangement. 

Fourth, is it convenient for all members to use the locks?
If there are old people, children or disabilities in your house, company or other places that the locks are used, you should choose products that can be easily used by them. 

Fifth, how much can you afford for the locks?

There are many manufactures that produce locks and lock parts. Products of them have various prices. You can choose upscale products or inferior with different budgets. However, the quality of locks is the most important thing. It is suggested to choose locks that are manufactured by reputable enterprises. Otherwise, monetary loss or superfluous troublesome in daily life might occur. 

Sixth, is the dealer reliable?
For interests, some distributors might introduce counterfeit products to consumers. You should have your own idea during purchasing. With above mentioned points, you can buy locks without any other concern. The locks must be safe and practical. Of course, being fashionable and environment-friendly at the same time would be much better. 

Six Questions When Purchasing Hardware Locks - Junying