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New Ford F-150 Released A Pick Up Truck with Aluminum Alloy Car Body, diesel, 10AT

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2017-01-18 15:59:07   Hits: 42
No matter how splendid the outside world is, Americans still love their pick up trucks best. The sale volume of pick up truck is far ahead, and Ford F-150 has always been the market leader. You think pick up trucks are falling behind? Three years ago, Ford promoted a new generation F-150 --the car body was made by aluminum alloy with high strength, and weight had been reduced several hundred kilos, the amount of fuel drop to 20%, which make environmentalists and those who think pick up technics as outdated speechless.


Before the ceremony of Detroit car exhibition in 2017, New Ford released F-150 2018, which has a brand new design automobile face, equipped with many electronic driver assistant systems, and the engine will be comprehensive upgraded, especially introduced a 3.0L V6 turbocharged diesel engine. American pick up truck has a diesel engine, even Americans themselves won't believe it. The Volkswagen Group had and incident of diesel emission before, but how do they feel now?

F-150 2018 is the most important and best selling vehicle model in F series trucks of Ford (yes, Ford still has many pick up trucks which are bigger than F-150). We can see that there is no much breakthrough on the appearance of New F-150, which still maintains the existing style in general, though some details have breaking changes--brand new intake grille, headlight and the appear of LED light.
Ford F-150 2018 installs lots of advanced science and technology systems, including anti-crash, pedestrian monitor, and of course, Carplay from Apple Inc, B&O audio, etc. Ford has gained many years of experience on the research and development of these systems, and is also ahead of the Big Three. Ford has released the second generation of Mondeo driverless car in this CES.

The most amazing thing about F-150 2018 is the power system--3.3L V6 naturally aspirated engine delivers its highest horsepower, which is 282. If you like turbocharged, there is another 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine. How can we live without V8? V8 5.0 Liter gasoline engine is the greatest love of those who pursue good performance.

Just like the rumor before, the latest F-150 added a brand new 3.0 liter PowerStroke V6 turbocharged diesel engine, even Americans who don't like diesel vehicle are envious of its power. And don't forget this, Ford has a great market in Europe, because diesel engine is European's favorite, and Ford has been improving its technics.

Besides the advance engine, F-150 is equipped with ten gears automatic gearbox, which is researched and developed by Ford and GM. This is the first vehicle model that was installed with ten gears automatic gearbox, and the other carmaker that adopts this kind of gearbox is LEXUS. Ford F-150 is equipped with aluminum alloy car body, which is something even the luxury brand is not willing to pay, not mention the advanced ten gears gearbox, so F-150 definitely makes a hit.