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Market Volume of Auto Panel Die Will Grow

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2016-01-14 17:25:13   Hits: 256
With development strength of new vehicle models speeding up, the number of new vehicles put in market is increasing. In the future, the market volume of auto panel die will highly grow with the growth of auto market and the competition rising on auto market. It is also the result caused by highly development of auto industry and development rate of new vehicle models accelerating substantially. 

Experts show that the market demand of auto panel die mainly depends on the number of new vehicle models put in the market in every year while the number of new models accounts on development strength of autos (including sedan, MPV and SUV).

According to categories of covering parts and auto manufacturers, auto panel die can be classified into low end, middle end and high end. Among that, moulds with low technical content have already been oversupplied, having less market profit margin; the competition on market of middle end mould is increasingly fierce while high end mould with higher technical content is still far from market demands, having large development space.  

Based on the relationship with auto manufacturers, the mold manufacturers can be classified into two categories: manufacturers who attaching on auto manufacturers and completely market-oriented manufacturers. In general, OEMs begin to develop mold of new products before one year when the products are put on market. They have higher requirements for mold confidentiality. So, independent mold manufacturers have relatively strong capability to receive external orders when striving for orders on market. In terms of development tendency of two categories of mold manufacturers in recent two years, the market share of independent manufacturers grows significantly, which has closed relations with limited capacity of dependency manufacturers while autonomous auto manufacturers develop. 

Data showed that in 2011, 317 new vehicle models were launched on market in China. Among that, the whole new vehicle models were almost 70 and modified models were about 247. Designing new auto panel dies used for the whole new auto is about 100 million RMB and about 25% of dies on every modified model need to be replaced whose value is about 25 million RMB. Based on the newly launched models in 2015, the annual market demand of auto panel die in China is above 25 billion RMB. Taking the requirements of modified models for die into consideration, the market volume of auto panel die should be more 50 billion RMB.  

Market Volume of Auto Panel Die Will Grow