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Large Size Injection Mould

Large Size Injection Mould

China Large Size Injection Mould contract manufacturer Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., ltd. has produced large size moulds for customers since 2002.

Basic Info
Model NO.: JY 2013001
Shaping Mode: Injection Mould.
Additional Info
Origin: China
Product Desciption
Large Size Mold , big plastic mould, Large mold, Big injection mold, Big injection mould, large injection mould, large injection mold.

Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., ltd. has produced moulds for customers since 2002 in China. And export 80% mold all over the world.

We have a modern workshop combined with the use of 3D right from the design stage to finished product, a great advantage for our customers. We produce all kinds of moulds from small technical moulds to large moulds.

Our Professional injection mold making services:

1. Automobile mold
2. Gear mold
3. Cap mold
4. Unsrewing mold
5. overmold, overmolding, Two Shot Over-Molding, Two Color Over-Molding, Insert Over-Molding
6. hot runner mold
7. Injection molding
8. Stamping and die-casting
9. die casting mould

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