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Japanese Mold Enterprises Focusing on Human Resource

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2016-05-07 17:27:05   Hits: 127
It is known that 85% of parts on auto are formed by molds. Every auto model needs more that 2,000 molds. It is estimated that newly-added more than 1.1 million autos will need mold manufacturing whose output value is close to 1.1 million RMB, not containing the demands of new models and modified models. Besides, communication, electronic, IT, household appliances, spaceflight, aviation, instrument, electromechanical, building materials, chemical engineering also need large numbers of molds. 

It is learned that the industrial mode that transfers low-end mold outside cannot only figure out high cost pressure of Japanese mold, but also exploits oversea mold market, enhancing competitive force of Japanese mold on international market to a certain extent. It is introduced that Japanese mold industry distributes its industry again to maintain profits.

At present, Japanese die casting mold industry is gradually transferring molds having low technical content to regions having low human cost, such as India, Thailand and Burma while Japan is only focusing on manufacturing products having higher technical content. Through adjustment of industrial structure, Japan is accelerating transferring mold enterprises having low technical content and high cost to abroad, reducing quantity of low-end mold in Japan. However, additional value of advanced mold industry in Japan is very high. So, the profit of Japanese mold industry do not fall at all.

Japanese mold enterprises pay high attention to develop human resource. Enterprises staffs are usually serving only one enterprise with little flowing, which having closed relation with culture inherited by Japanese society. For example, job-hopping is considered as dishonor. And income is proportionally growing with working time in enterprise. What’s more important, in Japan, mold personnel have training target and plan every year. Training scheme has been customized based on different level. Good environment and atmosphere have already been formed. 

At the same time, enterprises cooperate tightly with universities. Besides individualized studies on mold technologies, enterprises also transmit technicians duly to universities according to needs. The trained personnel are technicians and researchers. They not only become enterprise and industry elites, but also become the bridge for cooperation between enterprises and universities.

Due to steady personnel, exquisite technology and tacit cooperation, every mold enterprise has its own technical features. Even though in rigorous situation, a number of mold enterprises can turn the corner depending on profound technological base and substantial corporate culture. So, bosses of Chinese mold enterprises should be foresighted, breaking through strange circles, abolishing the pattern that import talents directly instead of cultivating their own technical personnel. 

With the whole level of mold industry improving, stimulation is not limited on the level of mold manufacturing enterprises. Japanese mold entrepreneurs commonly consider that foreign enterprises can acquire Japanese mold manufacturing technology, however, they cannot stimulate product manufacturing system that Japanese product manufacturers, mold enterprises and material manufacturers tightly cooperate together to develop products jointly. The product manufacturing culture is particular competitiveness of Japanese manufacturing industry.

Japanese Mold Enterprises Focusing on Human Resource