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Intelligent Moulds to Lead Industrial Development

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-08-16 11:49:29   Hits: 376
With constantly improvement of information technology, the concept of intelligence is infiltrating into all walks of life as well as our daily life. As to Chinese mould industry, it is necessary to develop intelligent moulds in order to realize rapid growth in this field. 

It is known that automatic and intelligent manufacture is becoming an important development direction with continuous growth of science and technology. What’s more, low labor cost can no longer support the sustainable development of whole industry. Under this circumstance, intelligent moulds come into being. 

Developing intelligent mould is not only a new requirement raised by manufacture field on mould industry, but also an impetus of further development. Thus, it will definitely become the development direction of mould line in the future. 

Intelligent moulds are promoted by modern science and technology. They are indispensable for developing modern manufacture. The scale of market decides that of production. Demands on intelligent moulds will be higher with the growth of industry. Mould manufacturers should focus on these products. 

To manufacture products with intelligent moulds can improve production efficiency as well as the quality of products on basis of economical, automatic and environment-friend manufacture. 

In spite of small quantity of intelligent moulds at present, they represent the new development direction of mould field. They will also play more and more important roles in industrial structural adjustment and transformation of development mode. Further more, they can effectively improve the whole level of mould industry. 

Intelligent Moulds to Lead Industrial Development - Junying