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Differences Push Reform of China Mould Industry

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-07-05 15:12:30   Hits: 392
Mould is regarded as the Mother of Industry. It is one of the criteria that used to measure the level of a state’s manufacture industry. In spite of the rapid growth, China mould industry starts later and remains less developed compared with that of developed countries, especially on the mould technology and industrial structure. China mould would never surpass other countries unless the enterprises in the field get to know the differences between them and work on eliminating the gap.

There are mainly three differences of mould market between china and developed countries.

1. The price of mould.  

Price of products is an important aspect for the enterprises’ development. Low prices and profits make a company lack of development power and capital which will continually influence the further growth of it. Prices of precision mould such as semi-conductors and connectors in China are only 50%-60% of those of foreign countries. For example, a customized rotor mould which sold at 980 thousand RMB will get a price over 2000 thousand RMB at abroad while an air-condition mould of 1500 thousand RMB at home will turn to 3000 thousand RMB at abroad. Under the circumstance of market economy, low prices will definitely influence the growth of entire industry.

2. Date of Delivery.

In market economy, date of delivery decides the lifespan of enterprises to some extent. With the same product quality, the one who finishes and delivers goods firstly wins the market.

3. Quality of Mould.

Although some Chinese companies have imported advanced machines, the quality of moulds still falls behind others. Factors like insufficient experience, unstable manufacturing environment and imperfect research organization lead to this problem. 
In order to deal with the above mentioned issues, enterprises in this field should focus on the following aspects.

First, they should value talents.
A company could not develop without employees, and a number of high qualified workers would greatly promote the growth of it. There are a little mould design talents in China. With the powerful pull of market needs, China is becoming a mould superpower in the world. Various mould companies is booming together with young designers. When comparing with the developed countries, Chinese designers have less practical experiences and comprehensive abilities. We should strengthen cooperation and communication, as well as the training of designers.

Second, they should make structure of industry conform to rules of market economy.
Mould manufactures should speed up the structural adjustment and reform of the industry. It is required to produce big-size, precise and complex high grade moulds with long service life as well as standard products. At present, the degree of standardization is improving constantly and has accounted for about 30% of all moulds. However, this is far from enough for those of developed countries usually go beyond 70%. It is imperative to further promote standardization progress of mould.