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Die Casting Moulds Operating Temperature

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2015-08-11 16:23:48   Hits: 535
Die casting is a precision casting process that molten metal is pressed into complicated metal mould by using high pressure. The mould is generally made from alloy having higher strength. The whole process is quite similar to injection molding. Most of die casting parts do not contain iron. Based on different types of die casting, cold chamber machine or hot chamber machine is needed. 

Die casting machine, alloy and mould are three factors in die casting. Die casting should use the three factors comprehensively and organically so that it can produce qualified or high quality castings which have beautiful appearance, good quality and meet the requirements on patterns or contracts.

Die casting mould operating temperature
1. For moulds having over-low temperature, internal structure of castings is loose. It is difficult to discharge air or mould. 
2. If moulds have over-high temperature, internal structure of castings is compact. However, castings are easily attached to die cavity. Sticky is not easily unloaded from castings. Meanwhile, over-high temperature may make mould expand, impacting dimension precision.

3. Temperature should be located at a suitable range. Thermostatic control is better after having been test. Temperature for die casting can be divided into two aspects: materials melting temperature, moulds temperature and melt temperature during injection.    

Die Casting Moulds Operating Temperature