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 CNC Machining Matters Need Attention

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2017-05-16 17:22:15   Hits: 39
CNC machining products

We all know that careless operation of CNC machining is likely to cause danger. Tragedy occasionally happens in many small-sized factories due to careless operation and lax management in practice. Then what are the dangers for CNC machining we need to pay attention to? Junying will explain in details for you.  

First, the probability of danger caused by actual operation of the transmission device is high.  Machine tool transmissions generally consist of gear parts, transmission chains and transmission belts. If we do not taken full account of safety when design these parts, designing them without  protection layer and with exposed transmission part, then it is very likely that the workers' hands or clothes get into the device,which will cause harm to workers. 

Second, pressure part of the pressing machine may cause danger. Generally, punch, pulverizer, block press and shearing machine are pressure machinery. Most of these devices need to be operated by people, which can easily cause accidents due to the fatigue or mood swing of workers. 

Third, the machine tool can also cause danger. A machine tool is a cutting machine with high speed, so it has high risk. Tool, splash and improper position of the operator will lead to strike, resulting in accidents.

The above is about dangers we need to pay attention to in CNC machining process. CNC machining enterprises must be strictly in accordance with operational norms, and formulate a strict implementation system so as to avoid dangers. Junying is a professional manufacturer of metal parts, and has more than ten years' experience in manufacturing precision metal parts such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Junying's CNC machining products cover many industries. We can produce CNC machining products to meet different requirements of the customers. You are very welcome to contact us and get customized products.